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Hiranmay Karlekar is Consultant Editor of The Pioneer and former Editor of Hindustan Times. He has authored four books in English and two novels in Bengali

Begum’s arrest and rising sentiments in Dhaka

Saturday, 17 Feb 2018 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Edit

After Begum Zia’s arrest, allegations of it being politically motivated were expected from the BNP; after all, they could hardly have hailed the judgement. Bangladesh's population, however, is now polarised Not surprisingly, Begum Khaleda Zia’s jailing, following her sentencing to five years of rigorous imprisonment by Special Judge’s Court-5 in Dhaka,...

Waterless in Cape Town

Thursday, 08 Feb 2018 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

India must learn from the experiences of waterless Cape Town and set up a Drought Management Commission for a comprehensive approach to the issue Cape Town is far away and generally features in our consciousness only when the Indian cricket team plays a Test match or a One-day International there. Not...

How effective are tweets of anger?

Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

Trump, like his predecessors, came down heavily on Pakistan for its support to terror groups. But will effective action follow the roll of thunder? The Trump Administration’s decision to withhold $255 million worth of military aid to Pakistan is hardly surprising given its increasingly sharp criticism of Islamabad’s sham war against...

The interlude that has been left behind

Saturday, 06 Jan 2018 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Edit

Annual Christmas-New Year celebration is a brief time for merry-making and rejoicing that leaves behind a residual feeling of warmth and well-being The annual Christmas-New Year interlude has ended in the US of A, as in many other countries. The explosion of rejoicing, celebrations and parties has given way to...

Stop the slaughter of whales

Thursday, 28 Dec 2017 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

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California’s forest fires and some burning questions

Saturday, 23 Dec 2017 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Edit

A discussion on human agency and the pitfalls inherent in the march of society must take into account the differing interpretations of what constitutes the common good The California forest fires warrant reflection on two counts. The first is instrumental and relates to matters like the loss of human and animal...

Save India’s heritage animal

Thursday, 14 Dec 2017 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

Elephants are dying because the Railways do not care. Particularly, they are insensitive to protecting elephant corridors Early on Sunday, December 10 morning, the speeding Dekargaon-Naharlagun Express killed six elephants in Assam when it ran into a herd of about 30 of them trying to cross the tracks in search of...

Recalling next door horrors of ’71

Saturday, 09 Dec 2017 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Edit

The monstrous atrocities that Bangladesh had to undergo for its liberation at the hands of Pakistanis cannot be forgotten. Cold figures do not convey the extent of the tortures Designated as the “International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of...

End of a confrontation

Thursday, 30 Nov 2017 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

Pakistan once again witnesses the army's overlordship over the civilian government The agreement under which three extremist Islamist organizations lifted on Monday their three-week blockade of the Faizabad flyover linking Rawalpindi and Islamabad, has important implications for Pakistan as well as several other countries, particularly India. It underlined two important things....

The sordid truth in the age of the market

Saturday, 25 Nov 2017 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Edit

The number of people committing suicide is increasing as market capitalism glorifies success and stigmatizes failure. This begs the question: Is surviving adversity also happiness? According to the report ‘India: Health of the Nation’s States 2017’, recently released by the Union Home Ministry, suicides accounted for more deaths than illness or...


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