Joginder Singh


Joginder Singh is a former Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation. His writes mostly on good governance, counter-terrorism, bureaucratic reforms and self-development. 

Need for accountability in politics of dynasty

Saturday, 14 Jan 2017 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

The questions we need to ask ourselves are: How accepting can we be of dynastic politics and should we not have laws that require a transparent declaration of assets of family members of all political parties? There’s a storm brewing up in Uttar Pradesh in the Yadav family, between father Mulayam...

Moving beyond words for corrupt-free India

Monday, 26 Dec 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

Even as naysayers criticise every move of the Government, the fact remains that the Prime Minister has been dynamic, he has changed policies and stymied all the ways and means that the corrupt can possibly think of According to the oxford dictionary, the word demonetisation (verb) is the act of divesting...

Taking a tough stand on encounter killings

Monday, 12 Dec 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

The Modi Government must deal with criminals with an iron hand. It must not get bogged down by the Opposition crying hoarse, alleging conspiracy theories behind the killing of SIMI activists On Sunday, November 27, while most of us woke up, looking forward to a day of rest and relaxation, ...

Not a spoilt child, but indeed a rogue nation

Monday, 28 Nov 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

India has been repeatedly hit by terrorism nurtured by Pakistan. We have the material to back our claims, but Pakistan remains shameless. There is no point in New Delhi being any more generous to its neighbor After the British left India on August 15, 1947, as a last pot-shot, they divided...

A good beginning to end war against black money

Monday, 14 Nov 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

The present Government’s demonetisation drive is a good start to end the menace of black money. But more needs to be done, like confiscation of currency and have an adminisrtrative set up as an appellate authority Black money refers to the funds earned on the black market, on which income and...

India's long tryst with judicial backlogs

Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

The Government’s move to scrap obsolete laws is welcome, but there is an urgent need to improve the judicial and investigation infrastructure to such a level that nobody should have to wait for more than a year In the name of democracy and ensuring justice for all, every conceivable injury, whether...

Stick, not carrot, works to dig out black money

Monday, 17 Oct 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

The average amount of black income per declaration in the IDS is about one crore rupees. This is low, given that the amount floating around is far higher. The big black income earners did not respond to the initiative What is black money? It is money obtained through illegal activity....

India is self-sufficient, but millions go hungry

Monday, 03 Oct 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

It is depressing that, despite India producing sufficient food to feed its population, it is unable to provide access to food to a large number of people. The amount of food wasted in our country is staggering India, with a population of over 1.2 billion, has seen tremendous growth in the...

Laws that scare, not embolden, offenders

Monday, 19 Sep 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

After the infamous Nirbhaya rape case, a Bill containing harsher punishments for rapists was passed by Parliament. But it has some loopholes. Laws ought to be people-friendly and not accused-friendly Sexual violence against women and children, both young and old, is one of the most terrible crimes in the world. About...

The Indian bureaucracy is unmanageable

Monday, 05 Sep 2016 | Joginder Singh | in Edit

Nothing in our country moves without bribery. To stop this practice, the Government, instead of setting up various committees, must focus on making governance citizen-friendly and not bloat the bureaucracy The workings of the Indian bureaucracy is such that the work for which jobs has to be created, the bureaucracy, instead...


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