'Code Red' staged at Bharat Bhawan

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'Code Red' staged at Bharat Bhawan

Friday, 23 March 2018 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A Bengali play, ‘Code Red’, was staged here on Thursday at Bharat Bhavan auditorium. The play marked the ninth day of the 8th Theatre Olympics in the city.

Directed by Indudipa Sinha the play was brilliantly presented by the theatre group, Project Prometheus, Bengal. The play is also written by Indudipa Sinha. The 2 hours 10 minute play was presented magnificiently on stage leaving the audience mesmerized.

The play follows the bunch of different events which unveils the unexpected phases of human life. A psychologist from a mass-grave-digging team in war-field, being exhausted with dead-bodies and war-collaterals, takes a transfer to serve in the army hospital, where he meets a mass-raped girl rescued from war-field who discovers herself to be pregnant due to the rape.

The psychologist has a series of conversations with the girl to give her hope and begin afresh. Finally she decides to keep her child and the psychologist quits the war-field. Collectively, they realise that destruction must be temporary; and on the other hand, search for genesis and friendly inter-relationship between people is surely the final truth of human life.

The whole story runs parallel to the journey of humankind and their ever-lasting quest for leadership as depicted by Rabindranath Tagore in Sishutirtha.

According to the director, “We are passing through an era of dissociation accompanied by unrest everywhere, in personal sphere, as well as in socio-political situation too.” Elaborating further, he said, “We keep searching for positive forces around us, which will lead our life to a world of peace, give us a sense of freedom and connect us to other souls. I strongly believe that, destruction of any sort can never be the supreme power in nature, and evil will finally and surely be dominated by the continuous process of genesis.”

The brilliancy of light design and music made the play watching worthwhile. It was much appreciated by the audience.

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