Hindi film 'Anokha Aspatal' screened

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Hindi film 'Anokha Aspatal' screened

Friday, 20 July 2018 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Hindi film ‘Anokha Aspatal’ was screened at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum here on Thursday. The movie was screened under ‘Ullas’ children’s film screening series.

The movie is directed by Mukesh Sharma. The film is based on the Hindi story with the same name, written by Saroj Mukherjee. The movie is about Amma and her grandson Gagan, run a unique hospital. They treat and offer shelter to wild animals shot and wounded by poachers.

A young boy Gagan visits his grandmother in a village near a dense forest. The grandmother popularly called by villagers, Ammaji, runs a make-shift hospital for animals and birds which are found injured and brought to her. She takes care of them with the help of her faithful servant. A team of hunters is camping in the same forest for hunting and selling the animal skins.

They are offered a large sum of money to transport a living elephant to Burma. Ammaji is warned of the motive of hunters by her servant and then starts the kidnappings and rescues of Gagan and the elephant.

The movie is entirely filmed in the picturesque, reserved forest area of Kanpur Zoo (formerly known as Allen Forest) along the banks of a wetland surrounded by dense green forest.

The camera captures some beautiful landscapes along with shots of variety of birds and animals usually found in zoo. The movie is made to entertain the audience of children and it succeeds well in it.

Mukesh Sharma, a graduate in Science, made his first feature film, Anokha Aspatal in 1989. The film won him a national award for the Best Children’s Film. In 1990 he produced ‘Ankur Maina aur Kabootar’ (Operation Pink Pegion) that is credited as having kick started the film making industry in the tiny nation of Mauritius. Sharma has had a long association with CFSI, serving as their Production Officer for almost a decade

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