Pratham NGO organises story telling season

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Pratham NGO organises story telling season

Saturday, 08 September 2018 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

On the eve of International Literacy Day (September 8), ‘Stories and Beyond’ and Pratham NGO organised Story Telling Season at State Museum Auditorium located in Shyamala Hills.

On this occasion, children’s read maximum numbers of book in a year were also awarded. Ishaan Rathway, who got the first prize, got the Kindle e Reader as reward, while the other winners were awarded by attractive prizes. These winners included Avirat Rawat, Kiara Agarwal, Sanayara Jain, Ravya Sabu, Tavisha Sharma, Anavabir Singh Tulsi, Vivan Nair, Ritwik Agarwal, Siddhant Sharma, Arinjay Tripathi and Kashvi.

On this occasion celebrating his foundation day of Stories and Beyond, Nidhi Aggarwal told that she and her associates have been working towards promoting reading habit in children for the last five years and awarded Kindle e Reader to winner of first prize for motivation purpose.

Story teller Rekha Saamal said that we want that children develop interest in books and make distance from the television so that their vocabulary, knowledge, memory, analytical thinking, writing skills and concentration level increases and they can feel relaxed. She further told that Children of her center read books associated with their schools, self collections and available in their center.

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