Bengal BJP chief threatens TMC with ‘mass murder’

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Bengal BJP chief threatens TMC with ‘mass murder’

Wednesday, 28 August 2019 | Saugar Sengupta | Kolkata

Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Tuesday broke his earlier records of hate-speeches by threatening the Trinamool Congress leaders with mass murder.

Indulging in what the Marxists called a “competitive political saber-rattling”, Ghosh in a BJP rally at Mecheda in East Midnapore told that he had not yet murdered a man but could do so with perfection if, “I get into the act of murdering opponents.”

Alleging that the, “ruling Trinamool Congress is getting thousands of BJP workers framed in false cases and sending them to jail under charges of rape, murder, narcotics peddling,” he said “even I have not been spared and am facing murder charges against me.”

Amid loud applause from the crowd he warned, “if you (TMC leaders) do not stop leveling such dirty charges then I will do what I have been charged with. I have not started assassination of opponents, but if I forced into doing it and if I start doing that, I will kill many of you and get the corpse vanished.”

Apart from being State party president Ghosh is a BJP MP too.

The East Midnapore police said a complaint had been lodged against Ghosh in Mecheda Police Station, even as he flaunted his capability of slaughtering not one or two but the entire generations of the TMC goons.

He asked the TMC leaders to “act politically and play a fare game or else you will face a brutal consequence,” adding “I will go kill your entire progeny so that no one will survive to light your funeral pyre.”

Those who would not take the warning and act decently would be reduced to such a state that “your children and wives would never see your face again.”

Promptly reacting to his statement CPI(M) central committee member and Legislative party leader Sujan Chakrabarty said, “he (Ghosh) is trying to prove that he can kill more people than the Trinamool Congress and he is a more dreaded murderer.”

Alleging that once intellectual Bengal was witnessing an unprecedented downfall in its level of politics Chakrabarty said “a time has come when politicians like Dilip Ghosh are trying to compete with the Banerjee’s (read Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s family) and Adhikary’s (the powerful Minister Subhendu Adhikary of East Midnapore) in the race of brutality.”

Attacking Ghosh for the political bankruptcy his party was facing TMC MLA Udayan Guha said, “such statements come when you have nothing to say politically and when your political depth is low. Such statements prove that Dilip Ghosh has no sense of political language and he has no dept at all.”

Another senior TMC leader and Minister Sobhandeb Chatterjee said, “neither Dilip Ghosh nor his party have the required strength to unleash the mayhem that they are promising. I have not heard Dilip babu even slapping a person. He is doing this to keep his flock united and battle-ready.”

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