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Deny voting rights to third child, scrap Articles 370, 35 A: Ramdev

| | Haridwar
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Deny voting rights to third child, scrap Articles 370, 35 A: Ramdev

Monday, 27 May 2019 | PNS | Haridwar

From the new Modi Government, Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev has expressed some expectations which he shared in an interaction with the media persons on Sunday at Patanjali Yogpeeth. Regarding the pressure of rising population, he opined that the third child should be denied voting rights to encourage family planning. He also expressed his views on the Ram Mandir, cow slaughter, Kashmir and other issues facing the Government of India while addressing the media.

He said that the general issues of health, education, industrial growth, skill development and agriculture had been the priority of Modi government. “Now the five big issues according to me which need to be addressed include the scrapping of section 370 from States like Jammu and Kashmir. There should be one country one law. Article 35A also needs to be abolished as it differentiates on the basis of communities. The ancestors of India must get the respect which they deserve with the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Lord Ram is non communal entity — he is ancestor of all of the resident Indians. Population explosion is another major issue which needs to be dealt with. India will not be able to bear the population burden if it keeps on increasing at same pace. To check the population the government should make it mandatory for exclusion of voting rights to the third child and all other facilities which are given by the government. In another 50 years we will not be able to take the burden of more than 150 crore people. Modi Government must make India free from the the bane of cow slaughter”

Elaborating on the issue of Ram Mandir he said that the possibility of reaching a solution through the mediation panel is very weak. The Supreme Court alone will have to take the decision and the process of decision making must be expedited.”

Referring to the issue of Kashmir he said, “We must take back Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Whatever strategic or geographical measures are need for this must be taken. It's strange that such a big country like India is getting threatened by a small mouse of a country like Pakistan. On security issues, PM Modi is very cautious. Very soon Amit Shah will also get some big responsibility and this matter needs to be resolved by all means,” he said.

On the subject of illegal cow slaughter, he said that the conflict between Gau Rakshak and smugglers must end now and India must be relieved of the blot of cow slaughter. If Islamic nations can prohibit liquor manufacturing in their country why can't India ban cow slaughter completely, he questioned.

Regarding black money, he said, “Modi ji has worked on internal black money, bringing many economic reforms so that there is financial transparency in the country. Against the black money which is hoarded outside India, some stringent steps need to be taken. Also, those who have looted Indian banks and absconded from India must be booked for their actions as they have looted the money of the common man.”

Regarding Modi’s election to a second term, he said, “The day he was elected, we congratulated him, Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley and others. I had not personally attended the oath taking ceremony last time. Acharya Balkrishna had gone last time and this year also he would be participating in the ceremony.”

Regarding the highest civilian honour for a member of the religious fraternity he said, “If Mother Teresa can get the honour then why can’t someone from Sanatan Parampara get it too? There are many ascetics who deserve the highest civilian honour from the government Shivkumara Swami from South India is one such name who deserves Bharat Ratna.

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