Puja Pandals adopt ‘Go Green’ mantra

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Puja Pandals adopt ‘Go Green’ mantra

Sunday, 15 September 2019 | Divya Modi | Ranchi

With just a little over two weeks left for the Durga Puja festivities to begin, the pandal hoppers in Ranchi can expect an eco-friendly celebration this year. The much awaited pandals will be open to the public from October 4 to October 8. Keeping in mind the rising level of pollution, the pandal managers have decided to focus on cleanliness and adopt the ‘go green’ mantra this festive season.

Following the ‘go green’ mantra, the puja pandals across popular locations in the city will be making minimum use of plastic, synthetic paints and other non-biodegradable substances. They will instead be using products like bamboo, hay, dry grass and clay to mesmerise the visitors.

“There will be no use of plastic in and around the pandal premises. Special attention is being paid to ensure that the entire ground is clean at all times and there is nothing littered. Separate dustbins will also be placed for dry and wet waste. Even the food stall owners will be urged to make minimum use of plastic and instead opt for paper plates and cups,” said Rajendra Singh, President OCC Club & Puja Committee.

Near the Ranchi railway station, bamboo, coconut rope and hay are primarily being used for the pandal structure and minimum use of theramcoal is being ensured. “This year the theme for the pandal is inspired from the State of Kerala. Special emphasis is also being given to spread the message of planting trees and conserving water. Food stall owners are being asked to ensure cleanliness and dustbins will also be placed at frequent intervals.

The Ranchi Municipal Corporations has also been requested to send garbage collection vehicles every few hours,” said Munchun Rai, President Ranchi Railway Station Durga Puja Committee.

The theme of the puja pandal in Morabadi will be on Andaman and Nicobar Islands. “Spreading the message of protecting the environment, the entire pandal is being made using fibre, dry grass, wood- products which can be used later. The main idol of Goddess Durga will be made of clay while some of the others statues will be made of fibre. Eco friendly colours are being used for all the idols. The food stall owners are being advised to use leaf bowls and plates. The kichdi prasad which is served from Saptami onwards is also served on these leaf plates,” said Manoj Kumar Gupta, President Geetanjali Club Durga Puja Committee, Morabadi.

Rai who is also the Convener of the Ranchi Durga Puja Committee said that the organisation is making constant efforts to spread messages on environmental awareness.

Attempts are also being made to convince more people to embrace the ‘go green’ mantra and adopt eco friendly ways to adorn the pandals.

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