Tribal life rejuvenated at Tribal Museum

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Tribal life rejuvenated at Tribal Museum

Thursday, 22 August 2019 | SHAILJA TIRKEY | Ranchi

Tribal Museum, Morabadi, one of the prominent museums in the State dedicated to the tribes, unfolds lots of unheard and forgotten stories. Jharkhand is a State with rich culture, tradition and history. One can get a free of cost visit to the museum and can gain knowledge about the 32 tribes residing in the State, evolution of early humans, discoveries of fire, wheel, tools and more.

Ranendra Kumar, Director, Dr. Ram Dayal Munda Tribal Research Institute, Ranchi said, “In today’s fast moving world, people have no time to know about their own cultures. This tribal museum has taken initiative to assemble all the 32 mystic tribes of Jharkhand under one roof.”

He added, “My team is working hard on the further beautification of the museum. Rewriting of previous ideas is in process to keep the distinct tribes alive in the society today. The culture of Jharkhand traces the tradition of the tribal society. The total tribal population constitutes 27 per cent of the total population of Jharkhand. The masks, bamboo crafts, wood works and folk paintings are the other expressions of this states perennial culture, which have their roots in the tribal mosaic exhibited in this museum.”

The museum, situated in the northeast of the Morabadi stadium, exhibits the evolution, history and lifestyle of all the tribes in Jharkhand. It portrays how tribal people are closer to nature.

This gallery is home to 32 tribes of Jharkhand. 24 migrated tribe groups and eight primitive tribe groups, namely Asur, Birhor, Birajia, Korwa, Parhaiya, Sabar, Mal Pahariya and SouriyaPahariya lives here.

The Museum is placed on the premises of the Tribal Research Welfare Institute. Previously it was a part of the state museum in the Tribal Research Institute building later in the year 2006 it got a separated erection of its own as the state museums was shifted to Hotwar, Ranchi .

This conventional museum has uninspiring panorama depicting Jharkhand’s tribal groups. The exhibit portraying all the different tribes has a collection of stone sculptures, terracotta and arms as well as ethnological objects used by the tribal people of Chotanagpur.

“The museum attracts around 800-1000 visitors monthly, which includes students from school collages and tourists. The inspiration for the creation of mannequins’ in the exhibits is not imaginary but is taken from the real life images. ” said, Shaligram Pandey, Collection Tender Department

There are numerous exhibits in the museum that depict the rich culture of Jharkhand. The two floor setting of the museum is solely furnished and well maintained.

Nilesh Lakra, aged 20 a visitor at the museum said, “I was not aware of all the tribes in Jharkhand coming to this place gave me an intense feeling of a village as the place has all thedetailing’s that a village has.”

Viva Singh, aged 45 a visitor said, “Each of the tribal community has practices of their own, unique cultural identity in undiluted forms. The Tribal museum acts as a platform for all hidden tribes residing in Jharkhand; this is a place where people can get to know at once about the rich culture and tradition of Jharkhand.”

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