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IPL: Indian cricket’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | AAKASH AGGARWAL | in Agenda

IPL took a novel cricket format and married it to Bollywood entertainment and money, making a heady cocktail. But what has been the tangible benefit — minus moolah — for Indian cricket? What has prevailed eventually — cricket or controversy? AAKASH AGGARWAL finds out June 1, 2008, 10.45 pm. My house...

Hypnotic charms of the Adriatic lagoons

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | VV SUNDAR | in Agenda

Almost like a rare prize for someone who travels to Italy, Venice has a unique brand of music, food, and architecture to offer. One is forced to imagine what it must have been like to be there at the time of the Renaissance, says VV Sundar It is an enigmatic city...

Groovy, funky, and dark

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | ANUBHAV PRADHAN | in Agenda

Mad Country Author - Samrat Upadhyay Publisher - Soho Press, Rs 1,059 In the backdrop of political turmoil in Nepal, Samrat Upadhyay gives intriguing portrayals of characters who battle with their personal issues, creating a sense of madness in which the public and private entwine, writes Anubhav Pradhan In as much as art is...

Inside the Millennium City

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | Sanya Dang | in Agenda

Gurgaon Diaries Author - Debeshi Gooptu Publisher - Rupa, Rs 295 A combination of the author's sociological observations and satirical perspective unveils the flimsy curtain of modernity and shows the reality of life in Gurugram, writes SANYA DANG Gurugram, as we know it today, owes its boom to globalisation, influx of overseas companies and...

Facebook testimony: Confusion than clarity

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | VV SUNDAR | in Agenda

The social media giant is uncomfortably sliding into a situation where it has self-appointed itself a role of a guardian to run world affairs. The new Internet economy needs a new script and playbook Hush. Lights, camera, privacy! Agreed, the words sound a discordant note in this order. But this is...

Fake news and the difference from fact

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | nadeem paracha | in Agenda

Contrary to the belief that social media is empowering free-thinking young democrats, it has formulated a generation that has little or no idea of what is fact and fake On March 21, 2006, The Guardian published an article titled, ‘Blogging is not journalism'. Written by French journalist Agnes Poirier, the...

Reflections on dubious agenda

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | Sashanka Banerjee | in Agenda

Attempts at distorting life-saving reform movements of the most threatened sections of the society, as is being projected for narrow unquantifiable electoral gain, should be discouraged, says Sashanka Banerjee As a student of history, the political debate kicked up by the Indian National Congress, demanding a religious minority status for the...

Suspense continues on Lok Sabha byelections

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

Will the byelections be held on the vacant seats of the Lok Sabha or not? The suspense over this is deepening with each passing day. Normally, bypolls should be conducted within six months of when a seat goes vacant. In India, elections are usually under way in one or the...

Culture lane

Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | Pioneer | in Agenda

Yoko Ono’s £12,400-stone stolen Toronto police are searching for a woman who allegedly stole a stone from a Yoko Ono exhibition at the city’s Gardiner museum. The stone, inscribed with the words “Love yourself”, was taken from the museum on 6 April. Security camera footage showed the suspect walking away from...


Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 | Pioneer | in Agenda

Panda’s weight snaps tree, sends fellow tumbling A panda that misjudged its own weight followed its friend up a tree and caused a branch to break, sending its comrade falling to the ground. The video, filmed last month at a giant panda sanctuary in China, shows a panda named Qi Yi...



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21 Apr 2018 | PNS

Earth Day at DPS, Ranchi Students of DPS, Ranchi of Class II celebrated Earth Day on Friday. It was a day to remind that the planet we live on is not our property, but responsibility...

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