Nupur confessed to golf club as weapon in narco analysis

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Nupur confessed to golf club as weapon in narco analysis

Friday, 29 November 2013 | Rakesh K Singh | New Delhi

Nupur confessed to golf club as weapon in narco analysis

Scientific tests, including narco analysis, on Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar gave  the CBI a lead in the Aarushi murder case. During the narco test, Nupur admitted that the curved injury marks on Aarushi’s forehead was caused by the golf stick. She had also ruled out the possibility of the involvement of the domestic helps in the crime.

Most importantly, the brain finger printing conducted by the Directorate of Forensic Science, Gujarat, concluded that “both of them (Talwars) hid the mobile phones and killed them (Aarushi and Hemraj).” The duo was subjected to narco test in February 2010 at Forensic Science laboratory, Gandhinagar. The CBI received the CD and a report on March 9, 2010. The agency had annexed the revelations and their implications in its final report submitted before the designated Ghaziabad court.

During the narco test, Rajesh talked about Hemraj and showed resistance and antipathy on the mention of his name. While describing the sound he heard at night (when Aarushi was killed), Rajesh mentioned “socha police aye hogi.” This, according to the CBI, appeared strange as to why a person thought about the police on hearing some sound in his flat.

Rajesh talked about one of his friends from Shimla, who accompanied the couple to Haridwar for cremation of Aarushi. This fact was never revealed by him during the investigation. He also spoke about two golf sticks which he used for practice. He further spoke about kebabs taken by Aarushi  on the fateful night. This, the CBI said in its final report, was different from Nupur’s claim that their daughter took only tea.

In the course of the scientific examination, Nupur said she would get up at night if there was any sound. She also said that Rajesh was a late sleeper. Nupur also spoke about instructions by Rajesh, “Aarushi ko akela mat chhodna.” According to the findings of the tests, the first reaction of Rajesh on seeing Aarushi’s blood-stained body was to “hold her neck and put it in a presentable position”. In its final report, the CBI said it was a totally unnatural response of a parent who had lost his only child in a gruesome murder.

On questioning, Nupur repeated that Aarushi’s mobile phone was at home till it was found in Muzaffarnagar. “This is very important and means that she (Nupur) had hidden her (Aarushi) phone,” CBI said in its report to the court. Rajesh’s brother Dinesh had called Dr Sushil Chaudhary “to make sure that everything is done well.” Dr Chaudhary ensured that “the PM (post -mortem) is done well,” the CBI quoted Nupur in its report.

Though narco analysis reports per se are not admissible as evidence in a court of law, but it provided significant clues to the CBI in unravelling one of the most sensational crimes. It also gave CBI clue that a golf stick might have been used to kill Aarushi and Hemraj. In the polygraph (lie detector) test, the FSl, Gandhinagar said that responses of Rajesh were not found truthful on the questions relating to his defence that during the entire incident at night he was sleeping. He was also not found truthful on the question relating to his claim that he came to know about the incident only in the morning of May 16, 2008.

likewise, Nupur’s responses in the polygraph test were not found truthful on the questions of her knowledge about the incident only on May 16, 2008, her knowledge about recovery of the body of Hemraj on May 17, 2008, her denial that she did not hear any sound during the night and had no knowledge about what happened during the night.

Second lie detection test at CFSl, Delhi also could not help the CBI to draw inference relating to the crime issues. In its brain finger printing report given by the Directorate of Forensic Science, Gujarat, the expert concluded that “Forensic analysis of the brain signatures elicited did not support in the form of experiential knowledge that Dr Rajesh and Dr Nupur neither hid the mobile phones nor killed both the deceased”, meaning thereby that both of them hid the mobile phones and killed both the deceased.

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