Jharkhand tribes celebrate Holi in unique way

| | Bokaro/Netarhat
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Jharkhand tribes celebrate Holi in unique way

Monday, 25 March 2013 | Ashis Sinha | Bokaro/Netarhat


Amid sharing colours of joy, love and enthusiasm the festival- there are places in the State where the  ‘Holi’ is celebrated with violence.

 Holi is is the most exciting festival; celebrated on the arrival of spring. But Jharkhand tribes like Birhor, Asur, Birjia, Agaria, Korwa and the others residing in the remote hilly terrains have their own way of welcoming the spring. They celebrate Holi with the colour of Blood to keep their ancient tradition alive. 

These tribes residing in Topchanci in Dhanbad, Bokaro and in the area of Netarhat set out with their bows and arrows to kill animals in the wee hours, a day before Holi as per their ancient customs, said Phoolchand Birhor.

“Monkeys, apes, Rabbits, Squirrels, Wild Hen, Pigeons, Peacock and Pig are remain our main targets during hunting sessions”, he added.

The preparations for this day begin about 15 days before. All the men and women go for hunting in the wee hours and return by afternoon. After returning they cook the hunted animal, said Makru Asur a resident of Polpolpat village.

“We all gather and celebrate by dancing and feast during night”, he added. While on the other hand scared of natural calamity, Holi has not been played in Durgapur village of Bokaro district for over 155 years.

The village Durgapur is situated on the bank of Khanjo River, between the hilly areas of Kashmar block about 45 kilometre from the district headquarter of Bokaro.

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