Devotees throng 'Bhuteshwar Mahadev' on first day

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Devotees throng 'Bhuteshwar Mahadev' on first day

Monday, 14 July 2014 | Staff Reporter | Gariyaband

With the start of holy Shravan Month, devotees from different parts of the country have started thronging at the world’s biggest ‘Shivling’ called ‘Bhuteshwar Mahadev Bhakurra’ in Maroda village in the district e.

The place is known as ‘Bhuteshwarnath Dham’ and is situated in the surrounding of the dense forest of Maroda village, about 3 km from Gariyaband district headquarters. The size of this natural ‘Shivling’, which resembles ‘Ardhanarishwar’ image of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is increasing with passage of time.

The ‘Shivling’ is about 18 ft taller while its roundness is about 20 ft. The State Revenue department maintains a record of measurement of this ‘holy hillock’ that claim of increasing by 6 to 8 inches every year.On the first day of the holy month of Shravan, a huge number of ‘Kawad’ pilgrims arrived here and offered water, they had brought from ‘Prayag Rajim’, to please lord Shiva. The place will sink into religious fervour for next thirty days during Shravan.

It is believed that the devotees can get rid of all of their worries by offering just a jug of water to ‘Shivling’ here. With starting Shravan, groups of ‘Kawadiya’ can be seen reciting ‘Har Har Mahadev’ and carrying water to offer at the ‘Shivling’ on the way to ‘Bhuteshwarnath dham’. The authorities have made adequate arrangements of transportation, rest house, drinking water etc for the devotees arriving here. The temples of lord Ganesh, laxmi Narayan, Ram Janaki, lor Hanuman alongwith a ‘Yagya Mandap’, two community halls and a cultural hall is also situated here.

During the whole month of Shravan, different religious programmes including ‘Bhagwatgita’, ‘Manasgan’, ‘Bhajan Kirtan’ and ‘Pravachan’ will be organised by the religious gurus.

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