Up your style quotient

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Up your style quotient

Friday, 10 July 2015 | swati sinha

Up your style quotient

From permanent eyebrows and lip colour to pain-free pedicures,  the beauty and healthcare industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Experts tell Swati Sinha that although there are professional beauty cosmetics available in the market, people still opt for herbal products

It looked like a regular beauty salon scene, where a lady was busy giving shape to a woman’s eyebrow. But the only difference was that, she was not threading the excess hair. Instead she was making a permanent eyebrow with an instrument which looked more like a tattoo machine. We found that, although the process is painful, it ensures that one needs not visit a parlour at regular intervals to get them shaped for six years. After homemaker Sonia Gupta was done with her permanent eyebrow she breathed a sigh of relief. “No more regular pain and messy outgrowths,” she exclaimed.

This was one of the many new and innovative ideas in the field of beauty and healthcare products that came out at the Professional Beauty Expo which brought up the biggest and leading beauty, spa, skin, hair, nail care brands, distributors and celebrity make-up artists from different parts of India under one roof. It was a place where beauty met business and it wouldn't be wrong to say that even in the era of price rise; the market of beauty is never in loss.

Style up your Hair

If you have frizzy, curly or wavy hair and you have a hard time in dressing them up properly, then products like Bed Head by TIGI is one of the best options for you, which will not only style up your hair but will also nourish them. “This range is to attract anyone who is young at heart. One who wants to play and experiment with their hair,” said Rohit (hair expert at TIGI). Many hair styling companies has also come up with Monsoon special hair products which are prepared from sugar and other beneficial elements so as to give moisturised and voluminous feel to the hair.

Other than these hair beauty products, few start-up companies has also come up with new designer hair accessories like pearl hair bands, silvery tiara crowns, shiny clips, et al. which have also managed to attract the customers towards them. “These are one of the best ways to provide you with a different look and even enhance the beauty of your hairstyle,” expressed Prachi one of the customer at the stall who was helping her little daughter to select the pair of clips.

Tattoo with care

By now, you must have mostly heard about the designer tattoos, but a beauty organisation named Synthia's Wellness and Beauty has come up with a new trend of tattoo making. They use the tattoo making techniques to make permanent eyebrow and lip tattoo. While the eyebrow tattoo is used to give a perfect eyebrow shape as desired by the customers, lip tattoo on the other hand provide consumers with a wide range of lip color choice from petal pink to wine red. These tattoos last up for a period of about 6-7 years. “This is what we call tattoo make up,” said one of the artist. The best thing about the technique is that the company doesn't use artificial colors and chemicals for the tattoos but instead they prefer organic colors prepared from vegetables. “Organic is much safer than chemicals and we can't take the risk of any allergy or health issue with our customers,” shared the curator of the organisation. Other than lip and eyebrow tattoo the organisation also provide permanent eyelashes elongation and 4D nail arts to the customers, which are something unique and has attracted the crowd towards it.

Nature love

No matter how many artificial cosmetic products overtake the beauty market but the love for natural products can never fade up. A wide range of natural hair and body products has been introduced for the customers who not only provide beauty to skin and hair but in addition nourishes them to the core. Many beauty products like hair oils, shampoos or body soaps are prepared with different natural oil obtained from wild flowers or seaweeds which also give unique aroma to the body. It is no less than an interesting fact that these products obtained from the lap of nature has also managed to attract the attention of the youth of country. “Natural Products is always my first preference because they don't hamper my skin like chemical ones and also provide natural aroma which is their best quality,” expressed Neha, a college student.

Wonder Gazettes

A wide range of gazettes have been introduced in the market to provide the customers with a helping hand in their beauty process. Companies have always tried with some new kind of gazettes and in making the old ones more effective. Most of us have mostly used straightner or curler to style up our hairs. But, recently Roots Company has come up with a new device called Peditrix which can be used by the customers for a painless and effective home Pedicure. The product has sandpaper like material at its top which is skin friendly and smoothly removes the dead skins cells. Since the device have a small size therefore it is very easy for the customers to carry it up. “Beauty salon use steel pedicure file which is sometimes really painful. This is definitely the product of desire which I always wanted,” said one of the customers.


photos by Swati Sinha

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