Treat Sleep apnea with homeopathy

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Treat Sleep apnea with homeopathy

Sunday, 28 August 2016 | Dr Pankaj Aggarwal

Treat Sleep apnea with homeopathy

If this is not controlled, it can pave way for other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke etc, writes Dr PANKAJ AGGARWAl
Sleep apnea is a disease many do not know how dangerous it could be for your physical as well as psychological health. Sleep apnea is a respiratory disease related to the function of breathing in your body. It can result in  sleepiness during the day, inability to work physically, and so on. If this is not controlled, it can pave way for other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke etc. There are a number of patients in India and overseas who are totally under the grip of this disease and are taking regular help of the other branches of medicines.

Sleep apnea is of two types: central and obstructive. In central sleep apnea, brain fails to send signals to the breathing muscles. It is known to be the less common among patients. In obstructive sleep apnea, air is obstructed from flowing into and out of the nose resulting in reduction of oxygen level in the body. Consequently, the patient starts snoring at night. It is common among patients all across the globe and there is more percentage of men who are prone to get this disease in their life span than women, so they should be more careful and  it is advisable to immediately consult a homeopathic expert. It cannot be confirmed how far women are away from this disease so they also should be aware of it if any symptom persists as far as respiratory problem or difficulty in inhaling fresh air are concerned.

But, homeopathy acts as a boon for treating this disease because it can treat both types of sleep apnea without causing any inconvenience to the patients. Though, it also depends on the remedy that a homeopathic physician may prescribe to a particular patient in accordance with the patient’s age and magnitude of the disease.

It is also influenced by the different questions that are asked regarding the ailment and how it makes the patients feel. let us have a look.


·                         Problem in inhaling

·                         Feeling short of breath

·                         Feeling tired the whole day

·                         Not sleeping at night

·                         Feeling irritated

·                         Forgetfulness

·                         Feeling tired just by doing a light work

·                         Snoring

·                         Memory loss


Homeopathic Remedies

·                         Arsenicum album is prescribed for individuals who have breathing difficulties

·                         Sulphur is a commonly used homeopathic remedy especially given in breathing congestion

·                         lachesis is a remedy prescribed for uncontrollable conditions which sometimes persist at night

·                         Spongia is also a better option when there is a feeling of blocked chest area

·                         Opium is also prescribed for the patients who feel confused after sleep disorder


·                         Stop smoking

·                         Stop the consumption of liquor

·                         Do some respiratory exercises in morning hours before sunrise

·                         Eat healthy food especially fibrous eatable items in your diet


Keep faith in Homeopathy, it definitely works in crucial times and has ability to cure the diseases from its root.

The writer is a Senior Homeopath at Agrawal Homo Clinic, Delhi


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