The Mindset of Corporates need to change; Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz

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The Mindset of Corporates need to change; Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz

Friday, 02 November 2018 | Agencies

The Mindset of Corporates need to change; Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz

For the first time in 2017, Global Digital ad-spend surpassed global TV Ad-Spend

Yes, To be specific: Digital ad spending reached $209 billion worldwide — 41 percent of the market — in 2017, while TV brought in $178 billion — 35 percent of the market — in 2017. Indian digital ad spend is also growing at a phenomenal pace and expected to have about 22.4% in the total ad spend, and should be going the global way soon.

You took the risk of launching a Live Web TV without a Flagship satellite TV in place.

It was definitely a calculated risk, as we observed that there were close to a thousand broadcast channels on a satellite platform, and not a single dedicated sports news channels. We identified the gap that existed and synced it with the growing pace of internet population and video online consumption, the formulae worked. Power Sportz is India’s first sports news channel, which runs live, on a digital platform.

What is the kind of traction received till date on your channel?

Like I mentioned, identification of the gap that existed in the market, was our main USP. We are market leaders in the broadcast sports news space. Currently, we get a traffic of around 2.5lac-3 lac everyday, and a total view count of 1million+ on a daily basis. We reach out to viewers across 5000 cities in India. We have a healthy bounce rate and repeat viewership. All our statistics are measured through google analytics reports.

Are there any disruptive statistics that you can show that questions the status quo of a sports channel?

Our channel has proved that cricket is not the only area of interest for sports lovers. Women do enjoy sports issues as much as men do. People like to engage with sports discussions and issues governing sports, as much as they may like to watch a live sports match.

What is the revenue model of an OTT platform in India?

The revenue model of an OTT platform is directly proportional to the quality of its content and the inventory of the content. You do not have too many flagship OTT platforms that run live 24x7. We are the first ones, atleast in the sports domain. Our revenue model is the same as any satellite tv channel, as we have the same inventory, running live 24x7. The only challenge is with the pricing. From a corporate point of view, we provide the same tv viewing experience, with more eyeballs than any traditional satellite tv can, yet there is a significant difference in the ad pricing on a digital platform vis-à-vis the satellite platform. This is where the mindset of corporates need to change.  The next big thing is advertisement on linear digital streams.

What is next on the agenda of Power Sportz?

Launch of the App. It is currently in the testing stage and should be ready soon. We want to enhance the viewer experience. That’s foremost on the agenda.  

What is the feeling like to be a woman heading a Sports Channel?

I’m told, globally, there is a dearth of women heading sports channels. If that’s so, I feel honored to be in this space. Its  no different really, its just how much of knowledge you have in the domain. Leadership is anyway more about inspiration rather than male/female domination!

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