Experts give safety tips for Durga Puja festival

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Experts give safety tips for Durga Puja festival

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | PNS | Jamshedpur

In view of Durga Puja experts have said that people can prevent injuries when there is massive crowd build up. Dr Santosh Datar, Medical  Director and Consultant Doctor from leading emergency healthcare service provider, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, suggests some safety tips:

While walking along with a large crowd or while surrounded by a large set of devotees always make sure that you identify the crowd and its strength around you. If the gathering or the crowd build up gets uncomfortable, then try and get out of the place slowly. The key here is to remain calm and not panic seeing the build-up. Women and kids should avoid getting in the middle of the moving crowd.

Always put some thought to what you are wearing. Comfortable clothing with minimum accessories is best advised. Wear shoes that provide good protection and aren’t slippery. Never stand under a big structure. If possible always stand at a place where there is some room to move around.

If you are a part of a large group or society pulling the cart during visarjan or reaching a designated place with your friends in a car or bigger vehicle make sure to appoint some traffic guides. This is to avoid taking wrong turns which otherwise leads to chaos in the streets. Never stop for celebrations at random stops. This will only lead to traffic build up at one particular route.Even though it seems tough to manage several things in the crowd, one must always have the presence of mind to make a call to an emergency ambulance or police van in case of mishaps. Emergency numbers o like 108 for Ambulance Service , 100 for police, 101 for Fire, etc. should be stored in the speed dial of the phone.

Make sure that you carry a basic first aid kit with you. In case of some untoward incident you could  prove to be a great help. Include essential first aid items such as antiseptic cream, plasters, bandages, scissors, adhesive tapes, dettol and wound cleaning agent for immediate treatment.

Water can save life. Never enter a crowd or a religious processionwithout a bottle of water. If you intend to travel a long way, thenmake sure you have some fruits with you as well. This will avoid fatigue and keep you on your toes.

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