Metro passengers stranded for hour as snag hits Blue Line

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Metro passengers stranded for hour as snag hits Blue Line

Thursday, 06 December 2018 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Thousands of daily commuters travelling on the Blue Line which connects Dwarka and Vaishali/Noida City Centre faced hardship as the train services on the Line was affected for more than an hour due to signaling issue on the Karol Bagh — Dwarka section on Line-3 on Wednesday.

A snag occurred at around 3 pm to 4 pm on the Line -3 (between Karol Bagh to Dwarka) due to the entire services on the line had to face problem. The Blue Line connects Dwarka to Noida/Vaishali.”Train services are slightly affected due to signalling issue (Loss of centralized view intermittently) on the Karol Bagh-Dwarka section (Up line only-going towards Dwaraka) on Line 3. Between 3 to 3.30 pm, the loss of view was for entire Blue Line which created bunching on overall Line before being restored again at 3.30 pm,” said a DMRC Spokesperson.

Loss of centralised view intermittently means the main control centre from where all trains are monitored. The officials further said that the view and control of the signaling and automatic train control system on Blue Line (Dwarka sector-21 to Noida City Centre) as operations control centre (OCC) is intermittently getting lost on Wednesday Karol Bagh and Dwarka section. As a result, trains are being locally controlled as and when such loss happens resulting into bunching/hold up of trains for brief spells.

However, the services on the Line was later resolved at around 4.30 pm. “The intermittent issue was resolved at 4.23 pm and since then train services are running normal on entire Blue Line,” added the official.

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