6 Surprising Facts about Earrings That You Didn't Know

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6 Surprising Facts about Earrings That You Didn't Know

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 | Agencies

An earring is a fashion accessory that you can attach to your earlobe. According to history, earrings have been around since long and ear piercing was done to insert earrings. Primitive humans pierced their ear with plugs and heavy stones. So, earrings have been there from long back and it is one of the fashion accessories you can use to decorate your ears. The old generation used to wear just a single loop as their earring. The old designs have undergone a lot of transformation and now there are various shapes and designs of earrings such as studs, hoops, dangles, barbells, ear spikes, ear threads and huggies.

There are some interesting facts about earrings you may not know. You can check them out as these are facts you might not have known before.

Centuries Back, Men Wore Earrings More Than Women and It Was a Trend of That Time

You can see the pictures of old Americans before invading white people. For example, the old portrait of William Shakespeare shows him wearing hoop earrings. But now, earrings are exclusively for women and very few men wear a single earring as a stylish accessory.

According to Technique, You Can Wear an Earring in 9 Parts of Your Ear

They are Helix/Cartilage, Industrial, Rook, Daith, Targus, Snug, Conch, Anti-Targus and lobe. lobe is the traditional ear piercing part. Other areas are just to enhance the style and look. Most women like to wear more than one earring. They use small rings and studs to decorate the upper ear.

Romans Were the First Group to Popularize Earrings with Precious Gemstones in It

This is the most popular earring design right now, thanks to Romans who brought such beautiful earring designs.

Earrings Have a Connection with Many Traditional Things

Earrings are considered as a symbolic representation of social beliefs, religious beliefs, sexual preference and tribal beliefs. In early days, when a sailor pierced his earlobe, it represented that he had completed his sail around the globe or crossed the equator. like that, there are different stories behind ear piercing.

Soldiers of Persian Empire Wore Earrings

It shows that earring was a traditional wear from prehistoric times. Archaeological researchers found out earrings dating back to 2000 years. There were special ceremonies for piercing earring in some religions and it was part of their tradition too. Even now, in some parts of the world, there is an ear piercing ceremony done for boys at a young age.

Pirates Wore Earrings as a Part of Superstitious Beliefs

They believed that wearing earrings will protect them from bad vibes. Another group wore it to get away from sea sickness and one group thought of it as a protective talisman. When a man died on a ship, the earring helped to cover the cost of body transportation to land.

These are some interesting facts about earrings. The beautiful embellishment has transformed from simple hoops into beautiful designs today.

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