‘Writing skills are one of the most coveted traits’

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‘Writing skills are one of the most coveted traits’

Wednesday, 30 October 2019 | Saket Kumar Singh

Writing a mail that conveys its meaning and message with clarity is important in the corporate world, says Saket Kumar Singh

A host of mediums have come up for sharing messages and information, but email still rules as the king of professional business communication. Studies have predicted that by 2020, the total number of email users would reach three billion. That’s almost half the global population.

Emails enable record-keeping, allow immediate transmission, and provide a low cost consuming method of communication through providers like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. In spite of such myriad benefits, many emails fail to yield the desired results, owing to the lack of the right structure, tone, and content. An oversight in any of these factors increases the chances of miscommunication and can rob a message of its efficacy.

To write a mail that conveys its meaning and message with clarity, follow the tips:

Make subject line meaningful and clear

An unclear and complicated headline defeats the purpose of drafting the mail. Time is the most prized currency in the business world. So, an email with a clear subject line will enjoy a much higher opening rate as it would save the recipient from losing time in decoding the subject. The best practice involves writing a simple, crisp and to-the-point message that reflects the purpose of the email.

Address with proper greetings

When it comes to professional email writing, addressing the recipient either by his name or his designation becomes vital to get their attention. Beginning with words like “hi” can leave an unprofessional image while writing to seniors and supervisors. However, such informal salutations would work if the recipient is a friend or someone with a personal bond.

Keep beginning direct and purposeful

State the purpose of your email from the very first sentence. Make it appealing and direct so that it hooks your readers and compels them to read ahead. Doing so will save their time in understanding your message, in turn, boosting your chances of getting a response.

Maintain a positive tone throughout

Writing in a positive and professional tone will ensure your recipient understands your message without any ambiguity. Even when the information is negative, keep the tone neutral and focus on the action that can yield improved results. Ensure that your email never sounds like an exercise in blame-game. Overly critical emails can offend the readers and provoke them to respond in an offensive manner or disregard your message.

Close in a constructive manner

Emails should always end on a note that leaves a good impression of the sender. A brilliantly written mail might lose its oomph if it misses a positive and purposeful closing. Lines like “thank you for your time and consideration” or “feel free to contact me” reflect your courtesy and inclination to be in touch with the recipient.  Even in the lack of a response, closing on a respectful note will be of great help if you need to establish communication with the recipient again.

Revise and proofread email

Your biggest blunder would be pressing the send button just after drafting your email. Nothing tarnishes an impression like an email replete with typos and grammar errors. So, reread your email carefully for all kinds of grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Casual texting has shaped our minds to the extent that we have forgotten every word carries weight. So, be sure to use words that add value and drive the reader to act in your favor. One of the best methods to do so is to either get the content proofread by an English expert or use an online app like Grammarly or Hemming way. Keep in mind that your message can’t be unsent, once you hit the send button.

The above tips may sound simple but following them can deliver big results. Writing skills are one of the most coveted traits in the corporate realm. Practice and work on the ability to draft a clear and compelling email. Doing so would help communicate better.

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