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Wednesday, 25 September 2019 | Pioneer

There was a time just about twenty-five years back where human-beings had to do some effort through their body and mind to acquire information about anything. Today with just a click of a button, there is more than enough of information readily available on your palm.

Thanks to our scientists for this fast-evolving technological age where, on one side these technological advancements have given us convenience in our life on the other side, they have made our body and mind heavily dependent on technology for everything we need. Our mind which at one time was working hard to search for knowledge, has an access to loads of information in today’s time. How much of information is really necessary for an Individual?

As they say, if a consumer gets a product for free then be sure that consumer himself is the product. Information remains just an information or data, till the time it passes through the test of direct experience. With direct experience this information converts to knowledge.

As compared to these present times, it was easy to acquire knowledge in the non-technology era where one could get more direct experience and had to deal with more primary data. In today’s times, since your mind is dealing with secondary data most of the times, therefore the experiences, thoughts and actions are also more at a relative level.

With so much data coming into your brain, no matter which physical state you are in, it is pretty normal for the mind to become restless, further leading to lack of concentration. "It's all in the mind." You would have heard this statement at least once in your lifetime. In the process to control your thoughts, decision-making and actions your mind consumes 70% of the energy produced or accumulated by your body.

Your mind controls everything, therefore it is very important for it to be under your control. If it is not, then it can actually create havoc in your life. Take control of your mind in its conscious state by being mindful. You may still not control some of the external circumstances happening around you, but with the proper control on your mind, you can control your reactions to those circumstances, resulting into an optimized trade-off between energy consumption and conservation which may further lead to a happy life.

Your senses give you information through various experiences and add to your belief system. When your belief system interacts with any event or circumstance, it further produces experiences and related thoughts. Between the interaction of your belief system and the event, there is an expectation, and this expectation is a result of your influencing layers. If the event meets your expectations then it results in positive thoughts and actions, and when it does not, the result is also otherwise.

The cause of all expectations are your influencing layers and the fodder for these influencing layers comes from your five senses. Hence, the five senses become the root cause of all your thoughts and related actions. Your senses act as an input to all information you are feeding into your mind, they are the link between your mind and the external world. To control your mind, you must control your thoughts, and to control your thoughts you must control your senses.

On this timeline, planet earth is facing a whole lot of technological advancements which are making this world a smaller place to live in. In this information age, you have to make a choice between relevant and irrelevant data, information and knowledge, relative and real.

Your mind will work with the information data provided to it and creates subsequent thoughts and actions, You have to be mindful of the quality of this data which is consumed by your senses and fed to your mind. How do you make sure, that your mind is not a slave to this information being fed to you? Search your answers.

The writer is Achal Sharma, an author of CorePeelers: A Journey to Your Core. He is also a speaker and a coach

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