‘Muktimandap for Hindus at par with Supreme Court'

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‘Muktimandap for Hindus at par with Supreme Court'

Monday, 29 July 2019 | SAROJ KUMAR MISHRA | PURI

Sankarcharya of Gobardhan Peeth here Swami Nischilananda Saraswati has endorsed the Muktimandap of Jaganath Temple as the  Supreme Court of Hindus with its verdict always standing vindicated like that of the top court of India.

Saraswati, said, “Being the supreme head of the Muktimandap, the Sankarcharya has enjoyed highest stature at par with a chief justice and his verdicts are also regarded by the court without interference. So, religious issues can be resolved by the Muktimandap itself.”

Saraswati in a video messaging on Facebook narrated some memories on the Ayodhya temple and roles of the past Prime Ministers.

Reacting over temple-mosque fiasco, the Hindu seer said that as per the Skanda Purana and Ramayana, Ayodhya was the first capital in world and as many as 17 islands were under rein of Ayodhya kingdom. He also took potshot at the SC for the Ayodhya dispute rolling over half-a-century.

He said PMs Narasimha Rao and AB Vajpayee had least courage unlike Sardar Patel. He clarified that the Ram temple should be built on the very spot with the Babri mosque shifting beyond the country’s border.

Praising Sardar Ballabhbhai Patel, the Sankarcharya said that despite stiff oppositions from Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the Sardar went ahead with reconstruction of the Somanath Temple with support of President Rajendra Prasad and the Muslim community.

Swamiji lamented that like the Somanath Temple, the Ayodhya, Kashi Biswanath and Mathura shrines could have been liberated by the Governments but the leaders had lacked willpower.

He cautioned that if a SC judgement goes adverse to the temple,

Hindus would face a biggest debacle to their religion and lose their backbone in own land.

The seer stated that the foremost duty of a free nation is to first mend all errors and erase black spots created during the foreign occupation as it is the rights of the citizens. He told that even the US and many other countries had restored past ethos after their liberation from foreign occupation.

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