Agri activities regain momentum after heavy rainfall

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Agri activities regain momentum after heavy rainfall

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 | PNS | Ranchi

Heavy rains in the past week have brought smile on the faces of farmers in Jharkhand as agricultural activities have regained momentum. Farmers from across the State have started sowing their farms, following continuous rains for over one week.

The rainfall deficit in Jharkhand reduced from 42 per cent to 35 per cent in past ten days. After the delayed onset of monsoon in Jharkhand, farmers were waiting for better rains with their fingers crossed. However, scanty rainfall reported in different parts of the State in June and July kept them worried.

However, the situation improved since July 26 and the State recorded surplus rainfall, which accelerated sowing of the major crops. 

According to the data provided by Birsa Agriculture University’s (BAU) Weather Scientists, A Wadood, 45 per cent of total sown area of paddy has been covered till now. Besides, 60 per cent of sown area for pulses, 50 per cent for oilseeds, 85 per cent for maize and 30 per cent for coarse grain have been covered.

Wadood had, in the past, informed that according to the reports issued by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), there is a strong possibility that the State will witness heavy rainfall in days to come. The prediction augurs well for the farmers of the State as they were waiting for the rainfall since one and half months, he added.

The Weather Scientist had instructed the farmers of the State that they should cultivate those crops in upland farms which require less water. “As it is known that agriculture here is completely dependent on rainfall, the recent rains will prove to be a boon for the farmers,” Wadood added.

The increased rainfall will also prove to be a boon for fish farmers, who were worried about fish cultivation in the drying up ponds. 

Officials from the Fishery Directorate of Jharkhand said that the department will achieve its target of distributing 1,500 lakh fingerlings as the water level in various water bodies across the State are now rising after continuous rain.

Fishery Director, HN Diwedi said that the department has covered 45 per cent of its target till now but it will achieve its target to distribute 1500 lakh fingerlings by the end of this season.

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