Tale of Jamshedpur’s oldest church

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Tale of Jamshedpur’s oldest church

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | Parvinder Bhatia | Jamshedpur

In 1902, founder of Tata Group Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata wrote to his son Sir Dorabji Tata to keep the following things in mind while planning the steel city - ‘Be sure to lay wide streets planted with shady trees, every other of a quick-growing variety, be sure that there is plenty of space for lawns and gardens, reserve large areas for football, hockey and parks, earmark areas for Hindu temples, Mohammedan mosques and Christian churches.’

Thus, keeping in mind his father’s vision, land for St.George’s Church was given to the Anglican Congregation. On the December 28, 1914, the foundation stone of St. George’s Church was laid and was consecrated on April 16,1916.

St George's Church in Northern Town, Bistupur, has come a long way promoting unity in diversity. It is the oldest church in East Singhbhum. It is also a symbol of the religious diversity that Jamshedpur has always cherished.

This church today stands proudly as a testimony of founder’s vision on B Road,Northern Town. This is the only protestant church in the city where prayers are conducted in English today. The church also provides counselling facilities.

“It is not the only the oldest church of the district but heritage structure that is also known for rich architecture.

Under Dorab Tata’s leadership, land to build a church was provided to the Anglican Congregation at B Road, Northern Town,” said an official of the church.

He informed that the church was built in the memory of children who lost their lives in World War 1. The parents of such children who lost lives during the World War 1 dedicated the church. The parents at that time were workers in TISCO (now Tata Steel)  and decided to build a church in memory of their kids who died in the war.  

St George's Church comes under Chotanagpur Diocese of Church of North India (CNI), with its headquarters in Ranchi. It has a membership base of over 2,000.

It is the headquarters of the Jamshedpur pastorate, which looks after functioning of CNI churches in Mango, Rahargora, Shankerpur (Parsudih), Sitaramdera, Sonari, Kitadih, Tuiladungri, Bagunhatu and Birsanagar.

There are two more decades-old churches in Bistupur—the Beldih Baptist Church, established in 1923, near Beldih Triangle in Northern Town and St Mary's Church, established in 1926.

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