Amp up your career in style

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Amp up your career in style

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 | Antonio Maurizio Grioli

Amp up your career in style

Studying fashion and design today opens up a wide range of careers that did not exist a decade back. Antonio Maurizio Grioli tells you how students can make it a lucrative option

Creativity is defined beyond boundaries and that is what the fashion industry believes in. It is not necessary that you have to design clothes to make a mark for yourself in fashion. What is more important is: ‘Just do what you love, and love what you do.’

Studying fashion and design today opens-up to a wide range of careers that did not exist a decade back. And if you have an eye to create something appealing to the eyes of the beholder; you have just nailed the purpose of being in Fashion.

The boom in the popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter has fueled the careers of the many who were on a path to draw attention to fashion.

Hence, Gen Z needs to understand how these platforms and technology have helped the fashion industry to evolve and create spaces for new careers.

 Let us take a sneak-peek into the changing world of fashion and look at some of the career options that are trending in this field:

Fashion influencer: Is a person with a large number of followers on social media that influence the fashion purchase behavior of customers by creating recommendations online. So, if you follow fashion closely and have a knack to experiment with what is already existing; many brands around the world would love to use you as an influencer to promote their products. 

Personal stylist: Personal Stylist is synonymous with aspiring for style. And no matter what you are wearing; the proficient eye of a stylist can add that much-needed touch of glamour to your regular outfit. The demand for personal stylists has increased manifolds with the advent of E-Commerce. Platforms like have dedicated stylists and their job is to make personalised style simpler by providing personal assistance. It is a clear example of how technology and a human touch can help thousands of people sharpen their looks by combining online communication with AI. Considering, how e-commerce has become a dominant way to shop across the globe, the role of Personal stylists has and will continue to change as there is a need in the market to give a more personal touch to online shopping.

AI in fashion: Another emerging career. If you follow fashion closely, you must have heard of 3d apparel designers. The strategy that fashion brands have adopted especially during this time of lockdown had everything to do with AI. The fashion world has realised the potential of launching their new collections via virtual modes harnessing the potential of AI.

To the benefit, the use of software in recent years has helped the fashion industry to reduce waste consumption and be able to use software programs to create virtual, true-to-life garment visualisation with cutting-edge simulation technologies for the fashion that has become more and more popular around the world. It has paved the much-needed way to sustainability for the fashion industry which without any doubt is the need of the hour.

The writer is Dean School of Fashion, Pearl Academy

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