Enhance e-learning tools

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Enhance e-learning tools

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 | PRASOON NIGAM

Enhance e-learning tools

COVID-19  has changed every aspect of life, including education. This has given a push to online learning adaptation. However, there are a few things that one needs to keep in mind, says PRASOON NIGAM

The current crisis has changed each and everyone's lives in almost every aspect. The pandemic has forced schools, universities, and companies to work remotely in order to maintain social distancing and take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their people.

The most prominent impact has been on education. Many schools and colleges have been shut during this time and continue to operate remotely even after months. Educational institutions are looking at ways to minimise the adverse effect of the virus on education and make sure that learning does not stop for anyone.  This has given a push to increased adoption of online learning in India and other parts of the world.

E-learning has changed the mode to deliver education from offline to online and students are going to experience a whole new type of learning as their learning context changes. We have arrived at an era where online learning is the only way forward. It has made its way into students’ and educators' lives in a manner that is sure to have a long-term impact.

While several schools, universities and institutions have adopted online learning tools, there are numerous other institutions that are evaluating different alternatives. For these institutions, the following things must be kept in mind:

Choosing tools

As education undergoes tremendous changes, persistent use of technology is the best way to create and propagate a digital culture. The mindful use of e-learning solutions such as learning management systems, knowledge management system, and advanced tools such as Articulate 360 which offer elements of gamification, animations, screen sharing, etc, enable teachers to share information, and collaborate with learners in a contactless manner. These advanced e-learning solutions will take online learning beyond video conferencing.

Continuity plan

As it seems the current crisis will continue to follow in the academic year, course delivery will need to be done online. 

Digital learning does not only involve technologies that institutions must use to continue teaching but also, they should consider the comfort of students to ensure a healthy learning experience at home. For this, schools and colleges must modify and create the learning plan as simple as possible which can assure a smooth and long-term learning process moving beyond lockdown.

Strategic planning

It has been a challenging time for students to achieve their career goals through online classes. Agile educational institutions are taking strategic measures to keep the learning experience as well as students engagement level at the optimum level despite difficulties, for example India’s leading business school ISB has modified the orientation of a new batch of students to total online format.

Besides lectures, most of the universities need to set up a goal-driven learning experience for students to deliver higher education at the right time. This would not only help students to scale their learning but it helps the teachers to ensure a seamless teaching process and manage thousands of students while working remotely.

The e-education has become the need of the hour. It is overwhelming to see the kind of impact that advanced elearning solutions have had on the education industry in India.  As a matter of fact, the growth has been significant week-per-week.

In days to come, schools and colleges will transform the way of imparting education from offline classrooms to online classrooms.

This is of immense value especially for higher education which demands more flexibility, innovation,  and collaboration.

Educational institutions must, therefore, carefully select their technology partner which offers new capabilities to enhance digital learning.

The writer is CTO, Stratbeans

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