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In brief

Wednesday, 08 July 2020 | PNS

initiative to empower students for future jobs

The NIIT Limited has announced virtual FutureReady Fest, an initiative to encourage students to enhance their knowledge on new-age skills through future ready programs, together with their regular studies and academic curriculum.

It will organise virtual sessions on NIIT Digital for students wherein industry experts will deliver sessions on new age career programmes including Full Stack Java Programming, Digital Marketing and Branding, Python Programming and Data Exploration in Python, Programme in Banking & Finance, amongst others.

According to the Future of Jobs Report (World Economic Forum), jobs in digital technology will grow from 17 % in 2018 to 33 % in 2022. Estimates have indicated that 75 million jobs may be displaced by a shift in the division of labour between humans and machines, while 133 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to this model.

The duration of each programme varies. Students can visit the to apply. The students will receive a participation certificate after the completion of the course.

AI-based proctoring solution

The Stratbeans, a company that drives digital transformation through AI-based online learning has introduced AI-based proctoring solutions for educational institutions to help them seamlessly conduct rigorous examinations. For educational institutions scouting for online examination solutions, the platform provides an array of benefits right from live invigilation to online evaluation to e-results; thereby eliminating the need for any manual intervention.

The process begins with the school/university creating question bank(s) with difficulty levels. Post this, the AI engine picks the desired number and type of questions as per the command and creates multiple sets with MCQs, true and falseand fill-in-the-blanks. Since there is no manual intervention, chances of bias are eliminated. The assessment platform also helps in authentic invigilation by providing intelligent alerts to the institution to track the candidate’s movement across multiple browser windows.

Jaipuria School of Business launches STTAR

The Jaipuria School of Business has announced the launch of Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR). With the ongoing pandemic affecting the education sector, teachers have shifted to the online medium.

The role of teachers is undergoing a subtle and distinct transformation. They have to deliver high level content, become facilitators and teach age-appropriate skills. Hence, STTAR has been launched with the vision of becoming a premier institute that will enable educators to meet the global requirements of the profession by developing competencies based on extensive research in all aspects of education.

It is all set to regularly engage with teachers at all levels and guide them in areas like curriculum progression and alignment, effective teaching strategies and content development.

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