Study abroad | ‘Right direction could lead to a great experience’

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Study abroad | ‘Right direction could lead to a great experience’

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 | Abhishek Singhal

Want to study abroad? One doesn’t need a counsellor but a mentor, says Abhishek Singhal

In order to go abroad, what you really need is an Internet connection. The colleges themselves have streamlined the admission process and boiled it down to a set of simple logical steps. Added to that, the effort of applying to many colleges has been reduced by the services like the Common App and UCAS whose aim is to help you with your application. If you have access to these, then you can successfully complete your college applications.

You are the one who knows yourself the best. No one else can fill out the application for you. It is a matter of effort, time, and some introspection. In principle, you can complete the application processes on your own, which in fact many candidates do.

In case you need assistance, it is a good idea to reach out to someone who has done the same thing successfully. A well-qualified senior can guide your decisions and applications from their own experience. Look for someone who has the exposure and the skills that you wish to develop in yourself, and someone who can join your pit crew of parents and teachers as a core team member. This mentor could help you:

  • To bring discipline into your efforts.
  • To collect the information and give it to you in a more curated form.
  • To  build your profile with a personalised touch.
  • To help you streamline your efforts.

It is not an education counselor that you are looking for then, it is a mentor who can help you discover your talent and abilities.

The right direction could lead to a great experience in your education and future professional experiences. A mentor can guide you through the quagmire of choice, direction, and excessive information.

A mentor does not do the work for you, but helps you to help yourself. It could be anyone from your core circle, a parent, a teacher, or a guide. Your dedicated efforts, combined with some expert guidance would make for a winning combination. That, and a working internet connection!

The writer is co-founder, UnivAdmitHelp

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