6 Ways to Reduce Office Supply Waste in Your Office

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6 Ways to Reduce Office Supply Waste in Your Office

Monday, 17 August 2020 | Agencies

6 Ways to Reduce Office Supply Waste in Your Office

Many people are realising that recycling and minimising waste are essential to conserve and protect our natural resources. However, many people practise conservation activities at home but forget that they need to do the same in the workplace.

Sometimes employees do not think about reducing waste in the office since office supplies seem limitless. It is easy to request a few pens, additional boxes of paper clips, bond paper, copy paper, etc. Often, even the company does not establish a recycling plan because it seems trivial. A waste reduction plan may not generate traditional income, but the proper implementation will save money for your business.  

Here some of the things you can do to reduce wasting office supplies.

1. Try going paperless

In the office, it is better to use less paper, although recycling helps. You can use various programs that allow you to collaborate, edit, write and share files online. Using an intranet is useful for working and sharing files within the company. However, you cannot avoid the times when printing documents is necessary.

2. Have a paper-recycling bin within easy reach 

When you have a tray or a box where office staff can put paper for recycling, they are constantly reminded to do so. Having a bin on each desk, near the photocopier or printer, will encourage them not to throw away pieces of paper that they can still reuse.

3. Think before printing

Although there are times when you need to print documents, use double-sided printing when the document is not for formal use. Likewise, request employees to only print what they need, instead of printing the entire content of the document. Set the printer to print in economy setting to save on printer ink. Another thing to do is to ask employees to edit the document on their computer to reduce the frequency of printing draft copies. For non-important documents and draft copies, instruct employees to use single space and narrower margins to use less paper.

4. Buy quality stationery supplies

Quality is essential when you're buying stationery supplies for the office. Using high-quality paper when printing official documents can boost your company's reputation. On the other hand, when you purchase low-quality stationery supplies, you waste more. You may buy cheaper pens, but most of them will not work. More inexpensive copy paper may be thinner than standard and cause paper jams and wastage. Low-quality staples will easily bend rather than pierce through several pieces of paper.

5. Reuse file folders and binders

It is not necessary to throw away used folders, envelopes, and binders. You can use labels to put over previous labels on binders and envelopes. Instruct employees to reuse file folders so they can use the reverse side if the right side looks old or soiled.  

6. Use ceramic mugs instead of paper cups

Paper cups are single-use. Instead of wasting money, either provide your employees with ceramic mugs or request them to bring their cups and reusable drinking bottles.

There are so many ways to reduce office supply waste. And the only way to effectively minimise wastage is to implement these suggested practices properly.

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