Dockyard : Oral care is just as important

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Dockyard : Oral care is just as important

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 | Dr Prerna Taneja

Dockyard : Oral care is just as important

A soft bristle brush is recommended as it cleans all the bacteria and food that is collected on the surface of our teeth and tongue. Also, to support oral hygiene one needs to change the toothbrush about every three months

Researchers suggests that it is very important to keep your mouth healthy as it has direct connection with our stomach and ultimately with our full body. Oral problems can lead to a lot of diseases mainly heart diseases, cancer and Diabetes. Maintaining oral health is a fully fledged commitment and should be taken up earlier in life. The earlier you learn oral hygiene habit the better it will be to fight against unwanted health issues and medical procedures.

To maintain the health of the mouth you need to do more than just regular squeezing of toothpaste, brushing your teeth and reducing the consumption of soda and sugar. You need to take proper care of your mouth in order to gain appropriate results. Follow these smart actions to celebrate healthy smile lifelong.

Inter dental cleansing: It is important to do the inter dental cleansing that is cleaning the in between area of the mouth to remove all the plague that is stuck in your teeth. This step is necessary to attain optimal oral health as cleaning this are will help you to clear 40 percent of your tooth surface. As most of the tooth brush does not access that area of the mouth you can do this by using waterpik or floss.

Tongue cleaning: This is another most important step to maintain your oral hygiene. Tongue cleaning helps in removing the biofilm that forms over your tongue, due to bacteria. It dulls the effectiveness of your taste buds, not allowing you to fully taste your meal. You need to scrap your tongue gently to clean the microorganism. Also, make a note not to clean it rigorously.

Replace your toothbrush frequently: Our toothbrush is the first line of defence against all the unwanted bacteria in our mouth. Therefore, it is very important to use brush that help us to fight against them and clean them properly. Soft bristle brush cleans all the bacteria and food that are collected on the surface of our teeth and tongue. It very important to brush your teeth twice a day. Also, to support oral hygiene you need to change your toothbrush about every three months as the bristles get frayed and are not effective enough.

De snacking: To prevent good oral health, it’s important to understand what to eat and how often to consume it. The change in our mouth start as soon as we eat something. The bacteria that are present in our mouth transform sugar and carbohydrate to acid and this transformed acid harms our oral health. Therefore, it is important to know when to consume food what like it's not bad to consume sweet but it’s good to have it just after the food and not anytime of the day.

Eat healthy: Consume food that are nutritious and supply our body all the require elements like iron, vitamin etc. As these elements maintains our oral hygiene and also help our body to stay healthy. Consume food like chicken, cheese, milk, nuts etc that provide calcium to our teeth enamels that mineralise our teeth. So, always keep in mind to eat healthy to stay healthy!  

Visit your dentist: It is very important to visit your dentist every month to know about your oral health. It is very essential to have knowledge about your oral health to keep your body fit and help it to be healthy. Also, understand the fact that healthy mouth is equal to healthy body!

The writer is Dr Prerna Taneja, Director Clinic Eximus,New delhi

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