Make way for modern medicine

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Make way for modern medicine

Tuesday, 23 June 2020 | Kamayani Naresh

The time has come when an alternative medicine needs to be in the driver’s seat, more so when Allopathy is struggling to find a cure for Coronavirus, says Kamayani Naresh

The name to the modern medicine Allopathy was given by Samuel Hahnemann, a German who founded Homeopathy. Allopathy is made of two words ‘allos’, which means opposite and ‘pathy’, which means suffering. This name was given by the founder of Homeopathy because homeopathy was doing a similar job whereas allopathy was doing an opposite job on the ailments. It is said that if the quantity of drugs is given to a normal healthy person then he will get the same symptoms as that of the person suffering from the disease. From the beginning, the allopathic system of medicine was meant only to control the symptoms, and the drugs used for controlling the symptoms always cause some side effects. With time, Allopathy became the ruling medicine system because in 1927 they discovered Penicillin and antibiotics which prove to be very effective against the devastating ailments like cholera and chickenpox.

No doubt, Allopathy is the best system in controlling symptoms but it is certainly not curing any ailment in the human body. The development in the field of science has almost reached the zenith.

The time has come, when allopathy needs to be at the back foot and some other new system has to take over as the medicine system. The only answer to this is Ayurvedic system of medicine. Ayurveda came into existence thousands of years back and it evolved majorly for curing the ailments which happened because of Vata, Pitta, and Kaafa. 

Ayurveda as a system has been suppressed for thousands of years and there is no new research and development in this sector for years. Although the Ayurvedic herbs and its properties mentioned in the Ayurvedic books are an excellent source of material and knowledge for the development of the material, it is not sufficient for the present time. Although the government has given a boost and a lot of people are talking about Ayurvedic medicines, but it requires more.

Zyropathy, is a new modern Ayurvigyan, which has been developed using the properties of ayurvedic herbs along with modern science for eliminating the root cause of the ailments. Zyropathy believes that most of the ailments are caused because of low immunity. Zyronaturals, the byproduct of Zyropathy uses the extracts of Ayurvedic herbs to eliminate the root cause of diseases.

In present time, Allopathy has miserably failed in curing Coronavirus. Therefore, there is a possibility that Zyropathy can help in eliminating this virus. If experts are to be believed, the only thing that can support humanity against corona is sustained immunity for which we have to have to look back at our herbs and greens, exercise for 30-60 minutes, sleep for six to eight hours daily, & live a stress-free life. It is likely that these activities will boost immunity.

The writer is Founder Zyropathy



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