AIIMS surgeons perform first of its kind operation

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AIIMS surgeons perform first of its kind operation

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 | PNS | Dehradun

In a first of its kind surgery in India, the doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh have performed genital cosmetic surgery to treat a rare genital deformity in a 23 years old female patient.

According to the AIIMS officials the patient had a physical deformity of clitoral hypertrophy (clitoromegaly) since birth.   Her genital deformity was a matter of serious concern for the young woman, a resident of Haridwar district.  Due to this problem, she was very anxious for her future and married life.

After consulting many doctors, her parents brought her to the Reconstructive and Cosmetic-Plastic Gynaecology department of AIIMS, Rishikesh and after examination and all relevant investigations, she was diagnosed with clitoromegaly. The Operating surgeon and head of department of Reconstructive and Cosmetic-Plastic Gynaecology, Dr Navneet Magon said that this patient’s clitoris was similar to male genitalia. 

He said that some doctors had advised cutting off  clitoris, but clitorodectomy is illegal and is a type of genital mutilation.  Dr Magon and his team decided to treat the patient with the nerve sparing reduction clitoroplasty technique.

Dr Magon said that the surgery lasted for about two hours and medical team was successful in giving her a normal feminine appearance. “This is completely life-changing surgery for her as she can now lead a normal sexual life. She is fully fit for her married life,’’ he said.  Congratulating the team, the AIIMS Director Ravikant said “This is a very complex surgery in which experienced doctors of AIIMS have achieved complete success.  He told that this surgery of a young woman with this type of procedure is first successful surgery in North India.’’

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