Biofloc tech to boost fish output in State

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Biofloc tech to boost fish output in State

Tuesday, 25 August 2020 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR

To provide employment to people during the pandemic period, the State Government has launched a new scheme for promoting intensive aquaculture through biofloc technology in fisheries, a Minister said.

Fisheries and Animal Resources Minister Arun Sahoo said the scheme will provide livelihood support to entrepreneurs, unemployed youths and interested progressive fish farmers and will also increase fish production in the State. He said the scheme is most suitable for youths who face unemployment during the pandemic.

The biofloc-based farming system is a new technology for promotion of intensive fish/ shrimp production in a limited area. A person having small landholding (as small as 150-200 square metre of land) and having either municipal piped water supply or bore well water supply can establish this business with a small investment. The programme aims to support fish farmers and young entrepreneurs for livelihood support, he said.

The system is suitable for growing freshwater fish species such as GIFT Tilapia, Magur, Pangasius, Anabas and Common Carp depending on local market demands.

Fish grows to about 200 grams within 3 months and 700 -800 grams within 6 months. Therefore, depending on the local market demand, fish can be partially harvested on a daily basis to generate daily income for farmers. Biofloc farming system is also suitable for urban and semi-urban areas. The Minister said it can be set up even on terraces of buildings and backyard. It offers live or fresh fish to surrounding customers thus fetching higher market prices for the producer. The unit cost for installation of a biofloc unit of two tanks is Rs 1.50 lakh, while a biofloc unit of 6 tanks costs approximately Rs 4 lakh.

The Government provides a subsidy of 40% while a 60% subsidy is provided to SC and ST beneficiaries. This new and emerging technology would boost fish production and encourage small landholders and entrepreneurs to take up fish farming, the Minister said, adding that the Government would provide all technical knowhow for the project.

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