City-based surgeon ‘cures’ Covid patients with herbal medicine

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City-based surgeon ‘cures’ Covid patients with herbal medicine

Sunday, 27 September 2020 | PNS | Ranchi

Amid the mad rush for allopathic medicines, protective gears and electronic gadgets to fight Covid-19, noted practitioner of Integrative Medicine in Capital City Dr Suresh Agarwalla claims to have developed a very effective medicine extracted out of seven Indian herbal plants and a metal (zinc) that has not only cured over 200 Covid patients in 20 cities of 11 states in the country, but is also helping hundreds of others for protection from the pandemic plaguing the world.

DrAgarwalla, with an MS degree in Surgery, has been working on Indian medical plants for the past 30 years. His special research subject, on which he wrote his thesis was on evaluation of the immune system in cancer patients. He has been interested in medicinal plants since his student-life.

Talking about the medicine Dr Agarwalla said, “When I started working on the immune system in 1985 there was hardly any medicine for the immune system in modern medicine. I guided a thesis at the veterinary college to work on the effect of four medicinal plants on the immune system. One of these four plants is Giloy or Gudich. That was only the second work in the country on the immune system. The findings further increased my interest.”

“For Corona treatment and management we need three things. First the medicine should control or kill or control the virus. Secondly, it should improve the immune system. And third, it should repair the damage caused by the virus. Based on these scientific rationales I selected seven plants and one metal that is zinc,” he added. The surgeon said that in the beginning of Corona period he formulated the medicine for his personal family use. In the beginning just 900 capsules were prepared. “My son was coming from New Jersey and I was worried to protect him and other family members. Then people started asking me to prepare the medicine for them and I started preparing it in small numbers as I do not have a big infrastructure here to formulate the product,” he said.

Dr Agarwalla, who runs his Amrita Family Health Centre in Lalpur area of the city said that the medicine is derived from seven Indian herbs -- Kalmegh, Giloy, Neem, Haldi, Tulsi, Vasak, Pipli and Zinc. He said that Kalmegh is doing the wonders as the single plant is effective against 12 different kinds of viruses. Research across the world shows that it is very effective in Coronavirus infection too, he added.

Informing about the effect of the medicine the Dr further said, “By June 400 people took it for preventive purposes. Then the product reached Ahmedabad by means of people taking it from here. One lady, who had Covid-19 and whose condition was deteriorating took the medicine. I was waiting for this opportunity and was confident that the medicine will work. I asked the family members to give her two capsules 3 times a day. And the next day her fever was down and within 3 days she was discharged and was cured within seven days.”

“By now I have nearly 200 case records with corona positive reports, who have been cured. I have created forms to be filled up for all those who came for the medicine. Over 200 Covid patients have taken the medicine and it has helped them recuperate. When I upscaled the production of medicine it was taken in bunch by several people in 11 states, in 20 cities,” he added.

The doctor, however, doesn’t call it a medicine of Covid-19.  “Now, I have interviewed at least five former Covid patients about side effects and benefits etc. I am doing a very meticulous work on it but I do not claim that this is a medicine for corona,” he said.

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