Crime mapping to help effective patrolling in G’gram

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Crime mapping to help effective patrolling in G’gram

Saturday, 18 July 2020 | Parvesh Sharma | Gurugram

Adopting a more scientific approach to patrolling, the Gurugram police have started a crime hot-spotting exercise in different parts of the city.

As part of the initiative, PCRs and Riders have already been deployed at different checkpoints across the city based on a centralized crime mapping system.

The initiative is aimed at creating a ‘crime map’ of the city that will show the police what to expect when and where. This knowledge, the police say, will help them take preventive steps.

Based on the crime map and centralized system, a decision about the deployment of manpower on jurisdiction-based beats have been taken. There are around 40 police stations in the city, over 79 patrol vehicles and 123 riders to go around each jurisdiction on shift basis.

All these patrolling vehicles are directly connected to the Police Control Room Gurugram. If any PCR or Rider goes out of its jurisdiction, its notification will be received through the Geo Fencing system to the Police Control Room, on the basis of which its correct location can be obtained and that PCR or Riders can be contacted.

Apart from this a total number of 2,500 policemen have been deployed (24x7) in three shifts on these PCRs, Riders and check points and weekly holiday will be given regularly to the policemen. In each shift the job hours of the cops will be eight hours only.

These patrolling vehicles have been equipped with wireless systems, GPS and Geo fencing with features of public address systems.

Earlier, the policemen used to be deployed randomly on patrol duty. "In a particular area, if there are more number of crimes, we will deploy more policemen during that time and with this initiative a response time will be improved, people will be able to get police help in less time,” said KK Rao, Commissioner of Gurugram police, adding that based on new inputs, the crime map would undergo changes and so would the patrolling. This would also save manpower considerably.

The police chief further informed that these police personnel will not be indulged in any other duties.

“This centralized program has been released only after crime mapping and throughout study of Gurugram district. For this, the police have also gone through previous crime data (Theft, Robbery and Vehicle theft etc.) and information from the criminals caught were also studied,” Rao said.

"After this it was seen that from which place, at what time, day or night such incidents are happening. Which built-up area is causing more incidents and what are the escape routes to avoid arrest by criminals,” he added.

All area Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners and Station House officers have been asked to carry out the exercise in areas that come under their jurisdiction.

Across the district, the mapping has been completed and preventive measures, including enhanced patrolling, are being put in place.

Meanwhile, residents say crime happens during the day too and most offenders are well-dressed when they approach victims.

“The district has around 40 police stations, the mapping has been done and beat officers are deployed on the basis of the findings," Rao said.

"At the crime prone areas, the exercise has been completed. Hence, we have studied the trend and are fixing CCTV cameras in important localities. Beat officers have asked all residents to inform the local police station if they are going out of station,” he added.

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