Harshada's book ‘Love Talks’ talks about ‘re-discovering, re-imagining oneself’

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Harshada's book ‘Love Talks’ talks about ‘re-discovering, re-imagining oneself’

Friday, 16 October 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Harshada's book ‘Love Talks’ talks about ‘re-discovering, re-imagining oneself’

Harshada Pathare’s new book ‘Love Talks’ gives a message of re-discovering, re-imagining and re-creating oneself.

The book takes the reader from the cosmic to the intimate, from the swirling abstract to the mundane concrete, in words both lofty and accessible.

Forging connections between the ephemeral and everyday experience, Pathare’s poems guide the reader to connect the overwhelmingly celestial above us with the overlooked simplicity surrounding us.

Talking about the journey as an author Harsada Pathare shared “I always visualize the world around me as an infinite spectrum where I have the artistic freedom to redefine creative mediums in an innovative style – not trying to fit thoughts in a certain format. My journey as a writer isn’t terribly unique. (Thinking is the tricky part!) I simply wish to express myself, and writing is the tool I’ve chosen. One has to feel others—have empathy, love.”

“‘Love Talks’, my latest romantic anthology delivers views of intimate and interstellar passion by exploring art form’s earliest subject.

While the poems portray the practicalities of life, it is the voice of the soul that instigates the readers to leap from one page to another” she added.

As the book spreads the message of making real connections and coming out of the virtual zoo, the author explains “Sometimes, we cannot get a clear or a harmonious idea of ourselves

and we feel a deep yearning for some real connection to know our inner self. Moving ahead, in this materialistic world with desires to earn better and live luxuriously, we forget the real need of our mortal life – unconditional love.

Not having enough time to introspect what our mind, body and soul are trying to speak with us, we miss the universal connections.

Connect with people besides WIFI or social messengers or apps! Talk, do not just chat! Make it real, get out of the virtual zoo”

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