NEP for maximum benefit of students: Guv

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NEP for maximum benefit of students: Guv

Sunday, 25 October 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Governor Anandiben Patel has said that the building structures of the new university should be built high rise. Special efforts should be made by marking the universities of the State for a place in the list of top universities of the country. Stress should be laid on making arrangements for the new projects and innovation with P.P.P.T. Model and CSR fund.

Patel was holding discussions with officials and vice-chancellors of Government universities of Indore and Bhopal on various topics related to quality of higher education and development of the universities of the State at Raj Bhavan today. Principal Secretary Higher Education Anupam Rajan and Principal Secretary Raj Bhavan D.P. Ahuja was present in the meeting.

Patel said that the universities of the State should make efforts to get a place in the list of top universities of the country. In this work, the universities should not depend on the administration for essential financial resources. Along with utilisation of funds available in the university, financial support should be garnered from industrial establishments under the P.P.P.T. Model and Corporate Responsibility Fund. She said that it is necessary to make efforts with innovative thinking for P.P.P.T. model.

Instead of thinking about profit-loss, efforts will have to be made for innovation while prioritising students’ interests. Sharing her memories with the Vice Chancellors, she inspired them to connect vocational and commercial institutions with the universities. She stressed on the need to take the initiative to acquire modern experimental, Training tools equipments and machines required for training for the university by coordinating with the industrial units close to the university with their research, human resources, educational and training requirements.

She urged to acquire sufficient funds from the CSR fund for vocational, commercial, research and innovative knowledge resources and continuous contact with industrial establishments. She stated the need for constant efforts and effective contact and coordination with the establishments.

The Governor said that the building structures of the new universities should be made high rise. This work should be done according to the modern construction technology, environmental protection and availability of financial resources. The State government and University Management should work with consideration. She said that proper arrangement of all modern facilities, lighting and ventilation should be ensured in the university building by making it high rise.

While the construction of such buildings will make additional land will be available for tree cover for environmental protection, the expenditure on link related arrangements like road, drinking water supply, boundary wall construction will be reduced. Integrated use of resources will lead to maximum and better utlisation and management. She has also asked to consider setting up of a land limit of 10 acres for universities to be set up in urban areas and a maximum of 100 acres for universities to be built in the outer region. She also expressed concern over the large amount of money kept by universities in fixed deposits. She said that except the amount fixed for emergency requirements, the entire remaining amount should be used for the academic quality of the university. Instructions were given to the authorities to get an action plan for the next three years from the universities for the work to be done in this regard.

Patel said that the provisions of the National Education Policy should be used for maximum benefit of students. Online learning system should be disseminated to benefit students from lectures of best teachers from all over the country. She also held discussion on the management of employee pension fund. She stated the need for use the fund with excellent professional expertise. She instructed that a coordination committee should be formed to review and take effective action to ensure the arrangement of amount required for the fund. She said that the Higher Education Department should take necessary action related to reimbursement of government grant given by Indore University for the management of Suganidevi Government College in view of emergancy.

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