State machinery gears up to stall COVID-19 spread

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State machinery gears up to stall COVID-19 spread

Thursday, 19 March 2020 | PNS | Dehradun

Necessary precautionary measures and a work-plan to tackle any possible situation in view of the spread of novel coronavirus should be ensured across the state.

The chief secretary Utpal Kumar Singh issued this direction while chairing a video conference with various departmental heads, district magistrates, senior superintendents of police, chief medical officers, district supply officers and other officers concerned.

He directed that the distribution and supply of essential public services should be maintained without break and in a protective manner. There should be no gaps in such essential services. Food supply, fuel supply and medical services should be maintained in a systematic manner. Singh directed all the district magistrates and officials concerned to make better plans and observe the same for this purpose.

Proper sanitisation and social distance should be maintained in all departmental work places while awareness on the do’s and donts’ should also be raised among the employees.

Singh directed the supply department to ensure that adequate transport and supply chain is maintained from the gowdown to the outlet to ensure secured supply of food grains, petrol and cooking gas among other essential supplies. Token system and minimum distance should be observed at fair price shops and other such places which tend to be crowded. He directed the district magistrates to closely monitor the situation to ensure the facilitation while also coordinating with Vyapar Mandal and transport associations in matters related to food grain supply and such essential items.

The chief secretary also directed the chief medical officers to ensure that medical services are provided as per the guidelines issued by the government, stressing that there should be no negligence in providing medical care to any suspect case.

Singh further directed that exercise be conducted regarding protection from coronavirus. Coordination should be established in advance with industrial organisations ready to help in necessary equipment- construction material needed in case there is any type of critical situation.

He directed all heads of government offices to enable personnel to work from home, adding that if required they can be called to the office on the phone.

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