Street play for awareness about environmental protection

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Street play for awareness about environmental protection

Sunday, 01 March 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A street play was presented by the students of St Joseph’s International School for Excellence, Airport Road Tara Sevenia, Bhopal, with the aim of spreading awareness about environmental protection.

The first presentation of the Nukkad drama described the prevention of plastic side effects. In this, the impact of plastic and the use of dustbin were presented artistically by the students of class group 2 to 7, spreading the message of cleanliness for the public interest. Second presentation was about the ‘Save the tree’ message was to spread and tell about the importance of tree and its conservation necessary for ecology balance.

Third presentation was about ‘Save the Water’, in which the importance of water and its use was explained. Through these presentations, the students delivered a message clearly explaining how water can be saved for the future with small precautions. This event dedicated to environmental protection fully demonstrates that the conservation of the environment is very important for human and all life to sustain.

All these messages were well explained by the students with their dance drama style performance. 30 school students gave an effective presentation of play. Boat club visitors got message about the importance of environment through entertaining presentation. On this occasion Sister Lavina Pinto, Jennifer and PR Office staff Sudhir Sharma, Sonia, Sunil and along with school staffs were present.

The Principal of the institution thanked the senior manager of Boat Club Anil Karup, Waseem Khan, DS Mishra and all the people for making this event a successful one.

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