GAIL launches testimonial videos

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GAIL launches testimonial videos

Thursday, 17 December 2020 | Pioneer

Advocating natural gas as a cleaner and convenient fuel option towards a gas-based economy, as envisioned by the Government of India, GAIL has established a Natural Gas pipeline network of over 12,500 kms. GAIL has been spreading the clean energy to various nooks and corners of the country by spreading the length of its pipeline network and connecting more and more number of cities.

To facilitate energy empowerment and fuel the nation, the company has launched three testimonial videos under it’s online initiative #SpreadingEnergyofHappines. It is to motivate the masses and enhance the usage of natural gas. These testimonial videos showcase an autorikshaw driver from Bhubaneshwar, a homemaker from Patna and an industrial unit in Bengaluru using natural gas as fuel.

The initiative advocates the use of uninterrupted, convenient supply of piped natural gas (PNG) at homes. It promotes affordable environment-friendly fuel for transportation through compressed natural gas (CNG) and encourages convenient, soot-free and workers’ health-friendly energy for better work environment in manufacturing and industries. It also advocates the usage of cleaner natural gas for captive power generation for industries and SMEs. The usage of the cleanest fossil fuel will help in reducing emissions of GHG, thereby, facilitating in reduction of air pollution, climate change, global warming and rising sea levels.

An engagement activity has been initiated along with the #SpreadingEnergyOfHappiness initiative, asking netizens to share their stories, pictures and quotes on how cleaner energy has brought convenience and happiness in their lives. GAIL has tied up with an NGO to plant a tree for every comment on social media platforms. The trees will be geo-tagged and the live location will be shared with the social media users.

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