Bouquet of insightful stories

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Bouquet of insightful stories

Wednesday, 22 December 2021 | Pioneer

Bouquet of insightful stories

Author Smita Das Jain’s new book A slice of Life explores different human emotions and stories . The book is a fictional potpourri of extraordinary narratives of ordinary people who have more to their everyday lives beneath the surface, these stories reflect myriad hues of human behavior.

The author takes us into the book, “The book is about relationships, and I have taken inspiration from real life to write this book on human relationships. Truth is stranger than fiction, and the more you observe people and things around you, the more stories you will get to narrate. People have emotions and emotions drive people. A Slice of Life is a potpourri of human emotions divided into three main categories: Romance, Humor and Relationships. Love, joy, humor, anger, sadness, pride and quirkiness are some of the most prominent emotions that come to the fore from the stories.”

Jain talks about her journey and how she ended up being an author, “I enrolled in Stanford Continuing Studies for their Creative Writing and Novel Writing courses in 2018, following my desire to learn something new. Subsequently, I started to draft fictional pieces regularly and circulate these write ups among my close friends to get their views.

One such short fiction, titled The Lost Identity, was appreciated a lot, and quite a few in my circle told me that this is worthy of being published. That was in late 2020. I researched about the best way to publish short fiction and got acquainted with the world of Kindle Direct Publishing. That is how my debut short fiction- The Lost Identity got published in early 2021.”

“A Slice of Life- Every Person Has A Story is not the end, my journey as an Author has just begun, and I look forward to it,” she adds. The author also shares her favorite lines from the book, “‘They both gazed into each other’s eyes. Even after all these years it was like love at first sight,’  ‘It is better to be angry than heartbroken,’ ‘She had put one of her dreams on hold for another. Today she was sure that she hadn’t made a mistake,’ ‘Old ways do give way to new beginnings when the underlying reason happens to be beautiful’.”

For those who are dreaming of becoming an author here are a few tips from the author herself, “Write something every day. Like any other craft, you hone your writing skills with practice. If you complete one story every week, you can’t produce 52 bad stories in a year.And be patient.

Writing is a long process, and the job doesn’t get finished after completing the first draft of your manuscript. Editing, Publishing and Marketing takes more time combined than completing the draft. Lack of patience will make your path more arduous."

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