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Wednesday, 05 May 2021 | Pioneer

New technique to detect NVC

Innovators at the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi have invented a method to simultaneously study the variations in nerve functions and brain blood flow associated with brain disorders like Ischemic stroke. The invented method helps in locating and classifying damaged sites (lesions) in the brain, brought about, or leading to neurological diseases.

The results of this study led by Dr Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury, Associate Professor, School of Computing & Electrical Engineering, IIT Mandi, has been published in IEEE Journal

The team’s invention is based on the fact that intricate interactions between nerve cells (neurons) and blood vessels (vasculature), called the NeuroVascular Coupling (NVC) that regulates blood flow in the brain. Timely detection of NVC is critical for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of such diseases.

“Our method uses a multi-modal brain stimulation system to differentially stimulate different components of the neurovascular unit (NVU) and observes the resultant electrical nerve signals by EEG (electroencephalography) and blood flow by near Infrared spectroscopy (NIRS),” explained Dr Chowdhury.

Accolades for flame university

The FLAME University has been certified as a Great Place to Work for the year 2021-22. The certification recognises the university for building a high trust and performance culture.

For an organisation to get certified, 70% or more of its employee respondents should rate the organisation as a great workplace by Great Place to Work Institute.

HR Conclave at JK Business School

The JK Business School (JKBS) organised  an HR Conclave virtually this year. An annual tradition, the B-School organises  the conclave and brings top HR professionals on a single platform that deliberate insightful sessions on various aspects of the HR industry.

The theme for this year conclave was — The Future Workforce Reset-2021 and Beyond. The event gave students a chance to interact with the speakers and the esteemed audience, giving them an opportunity to experience industry trends up close and making them industry ready.

National Admission Test

The Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) is holding the National Admission Test (NAT) online on May 9,16 and 30, 2021 for 2021 batch. Besides holding the self-assessment test, VMC also rewards the toppers with a scholarship of up to `40,000. Students appearing for the exam can register latest by May 29, 2021.

This test is an online nationwide test conducted to help students assess their current preparation level in comparison to their goal of cracking IIT/JEE & NEET 2021. The VMC treats NAT as an entrance exam conducted to grant admission to the aspirants in the institute.

To curb formation and spread of covid chain the Government has announced suspension of all offline coaching classes.

Brij Mohan Gupta, Co-founder, Vidyamandir Classes, said that the onset of the deadly second wave has compelled people to rethink of different ways to resume the new normal life. He highlighted that on the bright side, it has helped the institute in gaining perspective and enabling the future generation in honing their abilities from home.

For more information on NAT, students can visit the website .

Admission-cum-Scholarship Test

The FIITJEE's CURATE — admission cum scholarship test is scheduled May 16, 2021 for Students of Class XI (JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2023 Aspirants).   The test will be conducted in proctored online mode. It will help students to know their grasp on fundamentals and check conceptual knowledge.

Students can get to know their relative performance vis á vis their peers at the national level. The test will also provide students to get an external evaluation of their IQ specifically for JEE Main & JEE Advanced. Students can get to know their strengths and weaknesses and areas that may require specific attention. The test will evaluate students' raw potential on the basis of which they may be selected to pursue studies at FIITJEE & get a chance to cultivate their potential to succeed in JEE Main & JEE Advanced.

The last date of registration is May 14, 2021. Students can collect the application forms either from the nearest FIITJEE centre or visit: for online registration.

Sensor to detect Anti microbial pollutants

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras and the UK researchers have developed a paper-based sensor that can detect antimicrobial pollutants, which induce antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in water bodies. This sensor works on a see and tell mechanism making it effective.

Scientific community across the world are focused on AMR, which could possibly become a world-wide health crisis involving deadly pathogens. Water bodies are the major source for the dissemination and transfer of AMR. Monitoring is the key to assess the current situation of AMR in India.

The research was led by Professor S Pushpavanam, Institute Chair Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, and Dr. T Renganathan, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering.

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