It is time to prosper digitally

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It is time to prosper digitally

Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | PRABHAT SINHA

The use of the digital course has deepened hopes of a radical shift in various sections such as agriculture, health, education, small loans, and commerce in the next few years

We recently celebrated the 26th anniversary of the launch of internet services in India. In the past 26 years, our country has touched many digital technology dimensions. IndiaStack is one among them, which is vital for overall digital development. It is a combination of several digital technology projects to provide a robust digital infrastructure to the country. Even today, it has solved many complex problems of the country. IndiaStack's mantra is to promote paperless, non-attendance, non-currency service, and transaction processes.

Stack is a commonly used word in Information Technology, including compatible technologies that create software, web apps, or mobile apps. The stack requires the operating system, server, programming language, database, and other related technical aspects to be consistent. The Government of India has developed IndiaStack for the entire country, providing various facilities and services including identification, verification, and payment. The basic services currently available are Aadhaar Authentication, Aadhaar e-KYC, Electronic Signature, DigiLocker, UPI, and Digital Consent (currently under development). Its services have  enabled our country to emerge as a leader in fintech. It is the only stack to be launched that is named after a country, and which has a proper combination of governance, technology, and regulators.

Fintech came into being in 2009 with the setting up of two institutions - the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), and the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI). In 2012, UIDAI facilitated consumer verification for businesspeople by enablin e-KYC. In 2015, CCI introduced an e-sign API to facilitate digital signatures for Aadhaar holders. Introduction of UPI, the digital public payment system in 2016 by NPCI proved to be a revolutionary step. In the same year, the National E-Governance Division (NeGD), an organisation of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology also ensured digital verification of documents and certificates by providing DigiLocker services to the general public. Thanks to this development, it has now become unnecessary to carry physical documents. All these services are part of the IndiaStack Scheme of the Government of India.

Because of the services included in it, the direct benefits of the schemes reached the general public. Farmers, senior citizens, or BPL families, everyone gets 100% allowance, pension, and other benefits directly to their accounts. Now, people in remote areas can conduct financial transactions from their mobile phones with the help of the UPI app. We no longer have to sign many documents at government offices; Aadhaar's one-time password leads to quick verification. At the same time, fast and better disposal of services has begun. The use of IndiaStack has also facilitated the rapid and convenient collection of Indian taxes.

The Government is engaged in providing a more significant and efficient structure to the digital revolution.

IndiaStack is not as closed a system as China, where the country-made apps alone are promoted. It also does not follow economic principles such as laissez-faire as in the United States, where only a few companies have more market dominance in the open market. It is a robust, integrated, and open platform that can be used by Government, private, businesspeople, and people of all walks. In the next phase of the digital revolution, the Government is working on the appropriate, effective, and controlled use of personal data. It has also planned to use artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies for Civil Services.

The use of the digital revolution in the last decade has led to a direct increase in transparency and accountability in public services. Our small and medium industries have also undergone positive changes from the digital revolution. The use of the digital course has deepened hopes of a radical shift in various sections such as agriculture, health, education, small loans, and commerce in the next few years.

Prabhat Sinha, IT Expert & Amazon Bestseller Author of Innovate & Seize Your Success

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