‘Post about Dilip donating assets to Waqf Board fake’

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‘Post about Dilip donating assets to Waqf Board fake’

Saturday, 10 July 2021 | TN RAGHUNATHA | Mumbai

SM Hoax Slayer (SMHS), a website which keeps track of the fake messages floating social media, has busted an outrageous message on social media that went viral on social media hours after the death of the legendary actor on July 7 claiming he had donated his

Rs 98 crore worth properties to the Waqf Board.

“A message in Hindi claiming that late Dilip Kumar had donated property worth Rs 98 crore to the Wakf board which was translated into several other languages has proved to be a hoax,” Pankaj Jain of SMHS said.

“Our enquiries proved that the message is a hoax. Every word of the tweet was false. I even confirmed with Faisal Farooqui, the media manager of the late Dilip Kumar saab,” Jain said. 

The English translation of the original tweet read thus: “Yusuf Khan alias Dilip Kumar has left, ate from Hindus being alive by becoming a Hindu while donated 98 crore property to waqf. All are Jihadis”

The tweet put out on social media was re-tweeted approx 1,800 times and liked by 4,800 people. Jain said that the value of donated property (Rs 98-crore) quoted in the tweet was “made-up” one, just to match with the age at which the towering actor breathed his last.  

“The message caught attention of the people because of the timing, the financial and the religious angles involved in it… It reached millions across the country and abroad, but now it is confirmed that the message was blatantly fake and intended to misguide the people by certain vested elements,” Jain said.  

“Disinformation is a tool mostly used to create and spread hatred using lies. In this case, to defame a legend who left all remembering him. It takes a huge effort to bring down a tall, strong tree whose shadow was enjoyed by all, but the trolls, still are trying hard,” Jain added.

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