Aligarh 1st district to win lease deed in Centre’s Defence Corridor project

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Aligarh 1st district to win lease deed in Centre’s Defence Corridor project

Sunday, 13 June 2021 | Pradeep Saxena | Aligarh

Aligarh has become the first district in the map of India to get its first lease deed done in the UP Defense Industrial Corridor project. UPEIDA got the first lease deed done in Aligarh in the Defense Corridor that is being developed in five districts of UP. The first lease deed was done with Aligarh's Allen & Elvon Private Limited (drone maker). In Khair tehsil, the officers of UPEIDA gave the certificate of land on lease for 30 years. More investors will have lease deeds done in the next week. Aligarh had taken a steady lead in the Defense Corridor project.

The UP Defense Industrial Corridor projects were announced in Aligarh in August 2018. In this, including the Defense Minister, the Chief Minister, the Minister of State for Defense and ambassadors from abroad had come. The administration had seen land for this in Khair's Andla. The construction agency of the Defense Corridor, UPEIDA, had put the final seal on the land. The CEO of UPEIDA also visited Andla once. Defense corridors are being developed in Aligarh, Agra, Jhansi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Chitrakoot in UP.

 Apart from UP, the central government had announced the second defense corridor in Tamil Nadu. So far in Tamil Nadu and UP, the first lease deed has been done in Aligarh. In Tamil Nadu also, no investor's lease deed has been done yet. MP Satish Gautam, DM Chandrabhushan Singh and FIM played an important role in advancing the Defense Corridor in Aligarh. It is a matter of pride for Aligarh that the first lease deed of Defense Corridor in India was done here and the records were handed over. On this occasion, UPEIDA's ACEO Shrichandra Verma, OP Pathak, Sanjay Singh, Sanjay Chawla, Dhandev Vadra, Dhan Jeet Vadra, Mukesh Jain were presen

UPEIDA's ACEO Shrishchandra Verma, Chief Engineer Sanjay Singh, Land teaching officer Omprakash Pathak, Sanjay Chawla came to get the first lease deed done in the Defense Corridor. Handed over a 30-year lease of land in Khair tehsil to Dhanjeet Vadra, MD of Aligarh-based company Allen & Elvon Private Limited, which makes drones for the army. UPEIDA is currently doing lease deed for 30 years, but it will be renewed twice with a total tenure of 90 years. UPEIDA has allotted 8 hectares of land to Allen & Elvon. Next week some more investors will have lease deed and possession will be given to the investors. The investor had to deposit the registration fee and 20 percent of the land.

In Andla, Khair, 14 companies have invested more than Rs 1400 crore with UPEDA to make defense equipment. In this, land has been allotted to 14 companies. Anchor Research Lab and Allen & Elvan have been allotted maximum 8 hectares of land. Land ranging from 0.2 hectare to 5 hectare has been given to the investors.  

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