Astrologers doubt Stalin's chances of becoming CM

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Astrologers doubt Stalin's chances of becoming CM

Wednesday, 31 March 2021 | PNS | CHENNAI

In what could be a shock to the DMK-led alliance, a journal on astrology has said that M K Stalin, Leader of the Opposition, who is also the party chief would not be able to form a government after the April 6 election to the State assembly.

This is in contrast to the ‘findings’ of opinion polls held by various media houses in Tamil Nadu which forecast that the DMK-led front would demolish the ruling AIADMK and its allies in the assembly election.

Stalin himself had said at Salem that the DMK and its alliance would win all 234 seats. “People of Tamil Nadu will see a House without Opposition after the April 6 election,” he had declared.  But Gayatri Devi Vasudev, editor, Modern Astrology told The Pioneer that planetary positions do not favour the DMK and Stalin. “The AIADMK is likely to retain power in Tamil Nadu,” she said.

The DMK was formed on September 17, 1949 at 1.30 pm at Chennai (then Madras). “The main objective of the DMK was to form an independent republic of Dravida Nadu consisting of Kerala, Madras, Mysore, and Andhra Pradesh. In the horoscope of the DMK, the 4th House is occupied by the divisive disintegrative Rahu. No wonder, the party was born out of a divisive agenda against its parent body,’ said Vasudev.

Stalin was born on March 1, 1953 at 11.50 pm at Chennai. “Stalin was made the working president of the DMK in January 2017. At this time, he was undergoing Saturn Dasa (phase) with Venus Bhukti. Now Stalin is having Mars Bhukti (sub-period) of Saturn Dasa.  Mars and Saturn are in mutually adverse positions.  This does not seem very promising for fetching him the chief minister’ post. This is also because of Saturn and Venus, though mutually well placed are said to produce adverse results in their mutual periods,” explained Vasudev.

Quoting from Uttara Kalamritha, a reference book on Vedic Astrology,  Vasudev explained that the mutual periods of Saturn and Venus prove disastrous if both are well placed individually as well as mutually. “The DMK is under Ashtama Sani with transit Saturn which may not help it form the Government. But the lordships of Venus and Saturn in the AIADMK horoscope are favourable and the party is better placed than the DMK to form the Government,” said Vasudev.

Modern Astrology is a journal on astrology that carries peer reviewed articles on the topic and is a successor to The Astrological Magazine, an internationally reputed journal, founded and edited by Dr B V Raman during 1936 to 2007.

Vasudev, firmly believes that astrology is a branch of science which has its origins in the ancient Vedas. A person’s future, course of life and sufferings could be accurately predicted provided the details like his date, time and place of birth are known.

She made use of the reverse engineering science to study the nature of Justice Party and the Dravida Kazhakam, the precursors to the DMK. Since details like the time and place of birth of the JP, the DK and the horoscope of Ramasamy Naiker (founder of DK) were not available, Vasudev made use of the time and date on which the DMK was formed and the horoscope of Karunanidhi and Stalin to find out the fate of the 2021 assembly election in Tamil Nadu.

Though the DMK and DK are known for their rationalism and atheism, The Pioneer watched in silence as the wife of a DMK strongman consulted  a leading astrologer in India to know the future of her husband which included the chances of him getting a ticket in the assembly election. The astrologer told her that though the strongman is physically weak, he is sure to get a seat. True to the forecast, the leader has been fielded as a candidate, probably for the last time.

K Gopalakrishnan, corporate astrologer, too said that the DMK is unlikely to wrest power this time. "Indications are that Tamil Nadu is likely to see a hung assembly with fringe parties making huge profits," said Gopalakrishnan.

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