‘Malwi Gayan’, Baiga tribal dance performed at MPSTM

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‘Malwi Gayan’, Baiga tribal dance performed at MPSTM

Thursday, 11 February 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Under Gamak series, folk dance and music were performed here on Wednesday at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum.

‘Malwi Gayan' by Vidya Rao and group from Ujjain and Baiga tribal dance 'Karama, Ghori Paithai and Phag' was performed by Charan Singh and group from Dindori.

The presentation began with Malwi songs presented beautifully by Vidya Rao. The performance began with Ganesh Vandana 'Chalo Gajanan', Bhairav Vandana - 'Kankar Ra Bheru', Mother's Hymn - 'Kankuda Se Bhari', Henna Geet - 'Henna Bai-Bai ', Turmeric song-' mahari haldi ro rang ', bana song-' bana mor papaiya ', bani song-' bani bhammar periya ', sehra song-' joshida re galiyan ', myra-' veera rama-jhama se ', badhawa - 'Kani Rai Ri Haveli' and cheeky songs- 'Byaji To Mehara'.

Wrapping up the performance, she performed traditional songs of Adi Malwanchal.

Vidya was accompanied by  Kala Bai Rao,  Hemlata Verma and  Maya Verma on vocals and on Dholak by Yashpal Bavra, Harmonium by Laluram Chauhan and on Manjira by Dhirendra Verma on Khanjari.

Vidya Rao had a tendency to sing hymns and music since childhood. Her interest in singing increased with the help of parents. You have also established her supremacy in singing Malila Maach under the guidance of Guru Siddheshwar Sen, the founder of Malwa Mach. You have performed Malvi folk songs, bhajans and traditional songs on various prestigious forums of the country.The second performance was Baiga tribal dance 'Karama, Ghori Paithai and Phag' by Charan Singh Pachagaiya and companions. In Karama dance, Baigas perform their 'Karma' through dance-song, which is why this dance-song is called Karama. This dance, which runs from Vijayadashami till the start of the rains, is done by Baiga youths and young girls by going to each other's village.

Ghori Paithai dance is a dance performed from the day of Dussehra to the end of December. Fag is performed for 13 days from the day of dancing. The main instruments in this dance are maadar, timki and flute. Amarsingh, Mahelal, Sukaru Singh, Vishram Dhurve, Ishwar, Shivprasad, Dilip Kumar, Dewan Singh, Anand Singh, Parvati, Aghani Bai, Yogavati, Narbadia and Tihro Bai, along with Charan Singh, performed on stage.

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