Barton Breeze brings technological innovation to farming sector

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Barton Breeze brings technological innovation to farming sector

Tuesday, 12 October 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Barton Breeze is one of India’s largest and fastest growing commercial hydroponic farm specialist agri-tech companies. Breeze is providing techniques like hydroponic farming to upgrade the present farming scenario. The space to cultivate food is decreasingalarmingly. 

Decreasing soil fertility, ineffective traditional farming systems, lower per-capita food production, long-distance transportation of vegetables and depletion of water resources are other obvious and serious problems. Further, there has come to be a specific disconnect between farms and farmers’ agrarian roots, especially within the urban regions of India. Sustainable food growth seems difficult to attain unless agrarian practices are radically changed.

To cultivate more food with less space, we'd like new technology, new farming approaches, processes and styles. Barton Breeze seeks to shut the farm-to-table gap by growing food through hydroponics. This method makes nutrient-absorption easier for plants. The grower can control light, heat, nutrients, hydration, pests, and other aspects of the growing process. Foods grown hydroponically have lower risk of foodborne human pathogens and may  be grown using zero pesticides.

Shivendra Singh, founder & CEO, The Barton Breeze, said, “As compared to traditional soil-grown crop production, hydroponics offers upto 90% more efficient use of water and a 5 to 10 times increase in production using identical amounts of space.

In fact, several crops are often produced twice as fast in a very well-managed hydroponic system.

Statistics reveal that plants grown using hydroponics are healthier, more nutritious, grow quickly, and yield more”.

Hydroponics is the art of soilless agriculture; of growing plants in a soil-less medium. Generally, an aquatic environment is employed for hydroponic farming.

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