Cabinet Ok’s MP Excise Act (A) bill-2021

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Cabinet Ok’s MP Excise Act (A) bill-2021

Wednesday, 04 August 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

With a view to discourage excise related crimes in the state, Madhya Pradesh Excise Act (Madhya Pradesh Excise Act (Amendment) Bill, 2021 has been approved to increase the fine and penalty imposed on various types of crimes in the Cabinet meeting held at Mantralaya today under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. In this, there is a provision for punishment mainly for offenses related to spurious liquor under Section 49 (A). If a person dies due to the consumption of spurious liquor, then a provision has been made for life imprisonment or death penalty and a minimum fine of Rs 20 lakh. This will increase the control of crimes.

The amendment bill provides for imprisonment of a minimum of two years and a maximum of eight years besides a fine of up to Rs two lakh for the first time and a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 14 years imprisonment and minimum fine up to Rs.10 lakh for the second time for physical damage caused by consumption of adulterated liquor unfit for human use.

Similarly, for the detection of adulterated liquor unfit for human consumption, there is provision for imprisonment for a minimum period of 6 months and maximum of 6 years and fine up to Rs. 5 lakh.

Any person who poses obstruction in duty or is guilty of assault under the Act may be arrested by any Excise Officer. In order to bring Mahua based liquor in the mainstream in the state, it has been decided to give it the status of heritage (traditional) liquor.

Rules will be set by the department for its controlled manufacture and sale. This will encourage small scale industries of Mahua based liquor. The rights of the tribals already provided in the Act will be preserved as they are.

ITI in Chitrangi at Singrauli

The Cabinet has approved the establishment of a new government ITI under the Department of Technical Education, Skill Development and Employment in Chitrangi development block of Singrauli district. For the establishment, operation and up-gradation of ITI, a total amount of Rs 18 crore 43 lakh is likely to be spent.

Approval has been given to create 30 posts for new ITIs. ITI will be established by starting 6 trades in Chitrangi. At present, 243 government ITIs are operating in 210 development blocks out of total 313 development blocks of the state.

The Cabinet took a decision regarding the implementation of the new classification of micro, small and medium enterprises by the Government of India in the state. In the notification, new investment and business limits have been allowed for all the departments of the State Government and their subordinate corporations/institutions/undertakings for all the purposes of the MSMEs of the entire state from the date of effect of the notification in this regard. As a result of this, Madhya Pradesh MSME Development Policy 2021 and Madhya Pradesh MSME Promotion Scheme 2021 were released.

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