Condolence meet held at Rabindranath Tagore University

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Condolence meet held at Rabindranath Tagore University

Thursday, 29 April 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A tribute to renowned poet, writer and editor Mahendra Gagan was paid on Wednesday. A condolence ceremony was held at Rabindranath Tagore University.

He was a renowned name of art, literature, culture, journalism and social activistism; senior poet and editor of the first initiative, 'Vishwa Rang' Tagore International Literature and Art Festival and important member of Vanmali Shirpan Peeth.

Santosh Choubey Chancellor of Rabindranath Tagore University said that the world has lost one of the most famous creators who spread the message of love to the world through his love poems. The entire literary world is shocked by the tragic demise of Mahendra Gagan, a very gentle, simple, easygoing and soft-spoken person.

Mahendra Gagan was born on 4 October 1953 in Ujjain city of Mahakal to Ujjain, senior journalist Thakur Chandan Singh Bhati ji and Smt. Rukmani Devi Bhati, had inherited human sympathy and understanding of literature, journalism and social concerns.

Senior poet-story writer Santosh Choubey, said that this is an irreparable loss to his personal and family. His consultation on every aspect of Vanmali creation bench, Vishwa Rang, AISECT Publication was exemplary. We have lost a great signature of love poems forever. Senior narrator Mukesh Verma said that it is impossible to fill the void created by the departure of Mahendra. Mahendra will always remain in our hearts as a rare poet of love, humanity and goodwill.

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